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It’s a lovely night to spill tall cans with San Diego’s finest punks and biker thugs at the rowdy Shakedown Bar in Midway.

Local hyperpunk supergroup Retox features members of Festival of Dead Deer, Le Butcherettes, The Locust, Holy Molar, All Leather, and a zillion other projects. Their debut full length album Ugly Animals drops on Ipecac and Three One G on August 23.

Exciting, noisy, in-yer-face San Diego trio Otro, formerly known as Kuntz, features members of Rats Eyes, Ghetto Blaster, and Sirhan Sirhan (who, the rumor mill has it, is regrouping for a late summer tour. More on this later.)

Crime Desire - “Aside from clear nods to Discharge, Antisect and Celtic Frost, coupled with a healthy dose of '80s death rock, CRIME DESIRE create an abrasive, yet haunting, sound.”

"All that matters in the grand scheme of things is the band is not directly comparable to what has come before them,” the Facebook event reads. “But if we must: RETOX is an outcome of stagnant and boring western culture, as well as the self proclaimed counterculture, which has slipped into a sea of pointlessness. The band manages to detach themselves from what one might consider a promotional paragraph trying to explain what is not really important to the band themselves; such as a list of influences – they are influenced by much more than music, but more so by the world at large. The band has no goal for what the future holds. Sonically, the band’s crude and primitive aspects make sense in this day and age. The band is a reaction to the world that the members and their comrades have lived in: shitty childhoods, bureaucratic frustration, and the overall justification of continuous war. That sensibility coupled with a modern artistic delivery, the music is educated as well as furious, and most importantly, blurring genre lines of punk, hardcore, thrash, metal and whatever else seems fitting to the critics.”

Right? See yall in the beer mist.


Mas deets.

Shakedown Bar - 3048 Midway Drive

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