Michael Pallamary, a prominent Land Use expert (A-hem) launched his recall effort today at the Civic Center. This supposed widespread and popular movement was an epic bust. The movement boasts 5000 likes on Facebook--it must be hugely popular right? because it's not like it's easy to buy Facebook likes and create the illusion of popularity. Obviously people are busting at the seams to see Filner go.

You would never know that if you had seen the rally today and I was at the last two pro-Filner rallies and the energy there was truly electrifying and inspiring. The energy at the Recall rally was wha wha whaaaaa.

It's interesting that these 'protectors of women' are going full speed ahead with their recall effort considering none of the claims have even been filed and no evidence has been brought forward.

In fact on July 17 Channel 10 did a 180 on their story about Democratic assemblywoman Lori Saldana demanding he resign. She said Filner should not resign right after she announced that she had been warning people about Filner for years. "So far, the attorneys have not met the burden of proof of criminal wrongdoing,"

She also told Channel 10, "Until an employee is willing to come forward, these attorneys are drumming up a lot of anger, a lot of emotion, but they're not presenting the evidence that would be needed for either a civil or criminal conviction."

Why is this Land Use expert so eager to get the recall started before any of the allegations are even proven? Could it have anything to do with the failed effort by developers to steal Balboa Park using their frontman Irwin Jacobs and his trojan horse of a gift to destroy the historic landmark status of the Cabrillo bridge and open the park up to future development?

There were a lot of supporters of Filner's at this Recall rally who were sick and tired of being bullied by the likes of Pallamary and his smoke and mirror campaign. They were the only ones there out of passion. The people who supported the recall were utterly bored and lacking any luster or real passion or sign-making skills. These people were clocked in.

This Pallamary put his recall website up well before any of the sexual allegations were made. The effort was an epic failure. What a coincidence that a month or so later some anonymous horrific allegations emerged that would surely spark outrage.

No prominent citizens attended this rally unlike the pro-Filner rally where many prominent and respected activists spoke in favor of Filner.

This effort is a coup and citizens should be absolutely outraged that special interests are using the media to paint a narrative that is so far from true it is laughable.

Be careful San Diego. This is OUR City and the promoters of this effort are angry because Filner has proven he actually works FOR us. He is the best mayor we have had in decades and we must be careful about buying the media propaganda on this.


Diogenes July 20, 2013 @ 6:03 a.m.

Hurry, ladies! You can call the Sheriff's BobFilner Hotline.

Your privacy will be protected unless you testify, and then you will be subjected to cross-examination in a deposition or at a criminal trial.

Somehow this circus got out of hand.

Will there be DNA swabs and pelvic exams?

This makes the McMartin case small potatoes. There must be thousands of victims already. Not!


historymatters July 20, 2013 @ 10:34 p.m.

Oh I am CERTAIN!!! the hotline will be "flooded" with calls from victims and the investigation will take months and months because there r so many possible criminal actions to look into. Thus more hype and insinuation that the crimes r horrific while they launch their recall effort. y the time the sheriff determines no crime occurred (even tho that should prob take 1/2 a second) the recall election will have already occurred and the vote already rigged to oust him.


Diogenes July 21, 2013 @ 8:17 a.m.

Women stay silent at times in the face of sexualized advances by men so that they can refuse the advance politely yet bring it up later if it is to their advantage.

Women are often hired based on good looks. They can play a game of using their sexual attractiveness to gain advantage with a male boss, or failing that, to blow the whistle when it suits their purposes at sms layer date.

Nobody alleges that Filner hired women based on their putting out.

We must empower women to understand that they are not passive victims. When a single man tells a so.an she is beautiful, and she asks about whether he is engaged, this is a prelude to a kiss.


historymatters July 21, 2013 @ 11:50 p.m.

WELL SAID D!!! WELL SAID!!! These :women" whomever they r need to take their power back. They r reinforcing the "victim" narrative by staying in hiding (although it is my STRONG suspicion these women r hiding because this was a setup). It is absurd at this point 4 these women to not think they would be so protected by the bevy of special interests who r depending on their narratives.


Yankeedoodle July 21, 2013 @ 8:52 a.m.

Surely not only women can call in to the hotline to complain. One hopes that men's calls will also be accepted. Perhaps he has been sighted on a broom in the night, flying with his familiars.


Yankeedoodle July 21, 2013 @ 8:57 a.m.

Excuse me, my post was in response to the hotline comments, but the article is about the recall rally. Good for you, historymatters, to attend both rallies and get your own first-hand impressions.


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