I can't believe he's gone, whoa and I was just talking about the families deal with that Nigerian Theme Park. I have'nt read much about his death or watched too much on television about it. I guess I really don't want it to be true. He was only fifty years old and rich, and I was talking with this guy that's like me from back in the day, about Michael when he was cool. Long before the press and the McCauley thing that pretty much altered his course in life forever. We both agreed that Michael was special and the butte of a lot of jokes that he took very seriously. Michael simply never wanted to grow up and it started when the media was saying that he would lose that very high voice that only a child can have when he became an adult. He lost it and everything that he has done to himself has been about preserving his youth and I do believe some of those things went wrong. He committed a lot of time and energy to changing his image but the media never let him forget. I think he was a lot like a big kid but when you are an adult and you have a sleep over with a ten year old that's not yours it can be construed as child molestation period. I don't think he was a sexual predator but just different and a very special entertainer. The ol dude and I did agree on something else Michael would probably love to be able to walk around just like everybody else and be out of the limelight and not the target of some unscrupulous mother trying to throw her kids at him for an easy pay day so just maybe this was a fix. And Michael is still here somewhere and just maybe he will become a ghost singer.

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