I have much to write and so little time.

Yesterday was a joy despite all the talk of being on the street...I have it better than so many others without jobs or vehicles or money. I will get through until next payday. I saw a familiar posture of a surfer while he was making a move off the lip of a wave at MB and noticed that he also wore booties so I swam out (bodysurfing)to see if it was a friend from 4 years ago. Sure enough it was LS...a little bald spot but still young. It was great to find a friend. Today I saw another familiar face and should have paddled out to surf with him. He is the father of 2 girls that used to play softball with my daughters and we sat through many games together. I feel bad I don't remember his name but I bet he doesn't remember mine either although everyone remembers my oldest daughter who was quite a boisterous player. I have also seen other faces such as the umbrella lady who runs on the beach fully clothed, slathered in sunscreen under her own shade. Sometimes she runs backwards while reading a book. And then there is Savali. He is a homeless man I used to see daily in Carlsbad and Oceanside. He would appear before dawns light near Ponto Jetty and continue walking north until he reached O-side; probably headed for Brother Benno's food kitchen. I used to greet him and help him out as much as I could; he never spoke. Since he is Samoan (or appears to be) and he walks for miles I dubbed him Savali (to walk in Samoan). I positively ID'd him yesterday by Roberto's in MB; a long way from his old home. His hair is greyer and he is in worse condition but probably not too bad because he is not a druggy or drinker...just mute, abandoned and perhaps mentally impaired.

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