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So, the Cubs have signed ex-Padre and ex-Red Sox prospect Anthony Rizzo to a very long term contract. This will undoubtedly piss off many long-time Padres fans who are begging for the Friars to sign someone long-term.

Rizzo’s deal is for seven years at $41 million, and it’s all back-loaded. This looks great fitted in to the resume of Jed Hoyer, former Padres general manager and former smart-guy that helped the Red Sox to their first World Series win since before World War One.

I admire Jed Hoyer, and I admire him a lot. Guys like Jedd Gyorko were drafted thanks to him and the staff he led. Yep, under Hoyer, the Padres drafted Gyorko and also traded Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox to get Rizzo. And I do think that Hoyer knows what he’s doing.

And with the Cubs, perhaps signing Rizzo will work out in the long run. But it wouldn’t have worked out with the Padres, and there’s no pressing need to sign Gyorko long-term either. Let’s consider the Padres for what they are, not what they would be in Chicago or New York or Los Angeles.

Figure that the payroll will top out – in the near future – at around $100 million, presuming the current owners come correct. You want to tie up that much money in one player? Striking out 200 times is not an option.

The Cubs have the room for such options but the small-market Padres do not. It isn’t that Gyorko isn’t worth signing long-term, he is. But, how much money would it take to lock Gyorko into a Rizzo-like deal?

If you could afford to surround Anthony Rizzo with anything that could overcome 200 strikeouts, then you would have the bankroll the Cubs have. The Padres don’t have anywhere near that.

Sign Jedd Gyorko long-term? Maybe you should wait on that for a year or two. Who surrounds Jedd? Who is going to make him better? Will he strike out 200 times without some back-up?

The Padres need to build a team, not a player. It’s a simple formula when you play in a small market. Don’t jump on the first thing you see that looks good to you. Like these chicks in their bikinis by the pool here. They engaged me in conversation. Know where they’re from? Utah.

See what I mean?

Wait, and wait a lot. Jedd isn't going anywhere for a while, so what's the hurry? Meanwhile, you work on surrounding guys like Jedd with some hitting. Work on that, while I sip on something alcoholic, there are bikini girls from Utah here and to hell with small markets. To hell with all of them.


Tomorrow, the Padres are dueling with Baltimore, and game time is at 4:05 PM PDST. Andrew Cashner (2-2, 3.23) of the Padres will face Chris Tillman (3-1, 3.76) for the Orioles. Radio 1090 AM like usual and Fox Sports San Diego for those of you who can get it.

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