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On Sunday, the Padres played a frustrating game against the Cincinnati Reds, frustrating in a lot of ways. It went thirteen innings before the Friars fell to the Reds 3-2 in a game they could have won several times.

Ian Kennedy pitched a swell game, and the Padres got a little lucky early and put up two runs in the top of the second inning. Yonder Alonso and Logan Forsythe hit back-to-back singles, and one out later, Ronny Cedeno singled to load the bases.

Rene Rivera then hit a sacrifice fly to score Alonso, and when the relay throw from Reds shortstop Cesar Izturis went awry, Forsythe came home and the Padres had themselves a 2-0 lead. Kennedy then got serious and stifled Reds hitters for a good long time.

Kennedy was still in there in the eighth inning, when he gave up a single and then Xavier Paul homered to right field and the score was tied. Kennedy wound up going eight innings and giving up only the two runs on three hits and two walks while striking out three.

The game went to extra innings, and the Padres left a runner in the tenth with one out, two runners in the eleventh with no one out, two on again in the twelfth with one out (then, bases loaded with two outs), and Jedd Gyorko laced a double to lead off the thirteenth inning that amounted to nothing. That’s when the Reds got to reliever Tim Stauffer in the bottom of the inning, ultimately scoring on a sacrifice fly by Joey Votto to end the game.

The Padres were a pitiful 1 for 17 with runners in scoring position. The Reds? 0 for 2. It does the Padres very little good to pound out 11 hits and earn 6 walks when the opposition can win with only 5 hits and 4 free passes.

Sunday, it wasn’t a case of the bull pen melting down, nor a case of starting pitching being ineffective, Ian Kennedy was great and Stauffer is going to give up a run now and then. It was a story about so many missed opportunities for the offense to put the game away.

Seventeen of them, to be precise.


Awaiting word on which Padres pitcher goes down and which gets recalled from AAA Tucson, because you don’t go into Colorado with a tired bull pen. The last thing the Padres needed on Sunday was extra innings, and five relievers were used. However, with no notification from the club at this point, I suppose it’s conceivable that the Friars and manager Buddy Black will attempt to try and manage with what they have at the moment.

Monday, Edinson Volquez (8-9, 5.44) will toss for the Padres against Jhoulys Chacin (10-6, 3.30) of the Colorado Rockies. Volquez – even when effective – hasn’t been stellar keeping his pitch count down, so this could spell trouble for the Padres unless he reverses that trend this evening. You can catch the game at 5:40 PM PDST on radio 1090 AM or else watch the festivities on Fox Sports San Diego. Unless you have Time Warner Cable, where you can’t even watch CBS because they are apparently a bunch of heartless bastards over there.

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Dave Rice Aug. 12, 2013 @ 6:47 p.m.

Wow, Cox took away FSSD too now? Glad I got ATT a couple months ago...


David Dodd Aug. 12, 2013 @ 11:40 p.m.

Oh man was THAT a screw up. Girlfriend works for Cox, they have FSSD, my bad, thanks for pointing that out.


danfogel Aug. 13, 2013 @ 9:03 a.m.

I was pretty busy last night, so I just got around to reading the boxes this morning. WOW!!! To say Volquez hasn’t been stellar is quite the understatement. Eight earned in 4 1/3 and leaving the sacks full when you get pulled is definitely not stellar. The first MLB game we ever saw when we moved to San Diego. I still remember it. The Padres beat the Giants. Growing up in Tucson, I listened to the Dodgers and Giants on my old transistor radio, so it was pretty weird to see "Stretch" playing 1b for the Padres, against the Giants. My girlfriends aunt had season tix for us so we went to a lot of games over the next 16 or 17 yrs. There were a lot of really bad teams during those years but we still went and still cheered no matter what. But for this team, and actually the last 2 or 3 years or so, it's just hard for me to excited about these guys. Maybe it's because I haven't lived there for a long time. I don't know. I am just sometime puzzled by the team that's on the field and I guess Volquez is a good example. He rarely makes it out of the 5th, walks a boatload, gives up a ton of hits, I think he was at or near the top in earned runs, etc. Just don't get it. Maybe it's the money, maybe ownership really doesn't care, I don't know But the Padres are really hard to watch sometimes, even for someone who's been following them for close to 40 yrs.


David Dodd Aug. 13, 2013 @ 11:35 a.m.

Worst game I've seen from the Padres in a long time. That 4 errors should have been 6 except for some dubious scoring by the Rockies official scorer. To get the lead-off man on every inning for the first four innings and have nothing to show for it is awful. And the pitching, well, I'll tell you what I know and see of Volquez.

When his stuff is working, he's brilliant. The problem is, when it isn't working, he's horrible. My joke in the press box is that Volquez is the most likely pitcher on the staff to pitch a no-hitter. And he'll walk eight batters and have a pitch count of 150 to get there. Unfortunately for Edinson, I get the feeling that he may not be in the starting rotation for very much longer, so mine is a dubious (and facetious) prediction. And I doubt he'll be offered a contract next season by the Padres (you'll hear guys like John Kentera on 1090 claim that Volquez is still arbitration eligible, but I have him as a clear free agent next season).

Edinson has great movement on his fastball and on his secondary pitches. It's too bad he doesn't have better command. I like him, he's a great interview and a really fun guy to interact with. I'll miss him, no idea who picks him up next season, but some club will. I just don't think it's going to be the Padres. And in fairness to Volquez, he has been battling a hamstring issue all season, not to mention the occasional blister. So who knows, maybe he's a solid reclamation project for some other team.

I'm currently writing up a piece on last night's game. And I am not being kind to the Friars. Should be ready in a couple of hours.


danfogel Aug. 13, 2013 @ 7:31 p.m.

reply to daviddodd something that sticks out to me in the couple of times I have seen him pitch are his mechanics. They are terrible. Even to my untrained eye, it seems that his release point is all over they place. Reminds me of Lincecum when he's not pitching well. As "unusual" as his motion is, his mechanics are good in that it's the same every time. But when he's off, as has been more frequent lately, he's all over the place. I was a big fan of how Buddy handled the Angels staff, so it's kind of surprising that Buddy and Balsley haven't done anything with him. One of my friends down in San Clemente has a different take on the problem. He says the problem is with his cap. He wears it cocked to one side and it throws him off. Hey, it me be crazy, but it's as good as anything else I can think of. Whatever the issue, I agree in that he's likely not a Padre next year. I don't know about being a reclamation project; he hasn't done much since one decent season with Cincy and that was a while ago.


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