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CIF Semifinals Schedule

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 7 p.m. at site of higher seed unless otherwise noted

Division I

(1) El Camino (23-7) vs. (5) Vista (24-7)

(2) Torrey Pines (20-10) vs. (3) San Ysidro (25-5)

Division II

(1) La Costa Canyon (29-2) vs. (5) Morse (26-6)

(2) Lincoln (20-8) vs. (3) Hoover (28-4)

Division III

(1) Cathedral Catholic (26-3) vs. (4) St. Augustine (23-6)

(2) Mount Miguel (24-6) vs. (3) Mission Bay (17-7)

Division IV

(1) Francis Parker (16-11) vs. (4) Santa Fe Christian (17-10)

(2) Army-Navy (22-6) vs. (3) La Jolla Country Day (18-9)

Division V

(1) Foothills Christian (17-11) vs. (5) San Diego Jewish Academy (14-10) 5 p.m. at Mount Miguel High

(2) The Rock (17-9) vs. (3) Vincent Memorial (22-5)

Finals March 2-3 at University of San Diego


Pictured: Morse guard Alfonso Wilson and the fifth-seeded Tigers face top-seeded La Costa Canyon in the Division II semifinals

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anniej Feb. 26, 2012 @ 10:19 p.m.

Mr. Gentile: Perhaps you are not aware, but girls play basketball as well, and YES some teams even go to the CIF playoffs.

I am hoping you are planing to mention the girls teams as well.


Anthony Gentile Feb. 27, 2012 @ 9:39 a.m.

The Fast Break is boys high school basketball blog, so I wasn't planning to list the girls games on playoff schedules/scoreboards. Girls CIF playoff brackets and scores are available at http://www.cifsds.org/basketball.asp if you are interested.


Joaquin_de_la_Mesa Feb. 27, 2012 @ 9:50 a.m.

Ha! You got burned, Gentile.

Annie, I'm guessing you play for some team or another?


anniej Feb. 27, 2012 @ 12:24 p.m.

no, Sir, i do not - I am though a parent of both males and females who play the game of basketball as well as participate in other sports.

curious about "so I wasn't planning to list the girls games on playoff schedules/scoreboards." WHY? BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST GIRLS?

it was this type of thinking and behavior that now have sweetwater union high school at the loosing end of a Title IX lawsuit.

Joaquin_de_la_Mesa - i am sure you will agree that girls who participate in sports practice just as hard and take as much pride in being part of a team as the young men do.

was simply trying to offer up some fuel for thought - what message is being sent to the female athletes who see NO mention of their accomplishments on the Reader web site?


erupting Feb. 28, 2012 @ 12:01 p.m.

Right on anniej. It should be interesting to see if the district really makes an attempt at an appeal.


SportsOnTheSide Feb. 28, 2012 @ 12:51 p.m.

One only needs to observe the amount of fans at a female basketball game compared to a male basketball game at any level, high school, college, or pro to come to the conclusion that the San Diego Reader (a for-profit enterprise) would cover only basketball games of one gender. It's about eyeballs and clicks and nothing more. If and when the San Diego Reader's prep coverage becomes more popular in general then the Reader can afford to allocate more resources to smaller profit margin segments of high school sports. For example: 10% profit margins on 30,000 clicks may be sustainable but 10% profit margins on 3,000 clicks may not be. Ask the U-T or North County Times or EastCountySports.com or ESPN/RISE CalHiSports.com about their profit margins between male and female sports coverage. Equal access to play a sport at a school has nothing to do with equal coverage of those sports by the for-profit press. Football will always have more eyeballs than baseball. Boys' basketball will always have more eyeballs than girls' basketball. Eyeball numbers will always be sport and gender specific.


anniej March 1, 2012 @ 10:09 a.m.

i remember the days when eastlake girls and montgomery girls had fans coming from all over to watch their games. the coverage given was minimal - yet the stand were full. wherever montgomery played the stands were packed - true that was a few years ago. i guess those stands a la jolla country day, the number one ranked girls basketball team in the nation, do not count as they are JUST GIRLS!!!!

you might want to make note that i am NOT asking for "coverage or reporting of the games" - what i brought to the attention of the Reader is lack of INFORMATION - could they not simply make two columns? is that asking for too much?

allocate more resources, surely you jest - i would refer them to the web site they so curtly referred me to - all they would have to do is simply print it.

whichever game this organization chooses to cover is their choice. i was NOT asking for coverage.

"BOYS BASKETBALL WILL ALWAYS HAVE MORE EYEBALLS THAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL." - something tells me if you would have been around back in the day you would have poo pooed the womens right to vote as well.

we all have our opinions


SportsOnTheSide March 1, 2012 @ 6:17 p.m.

 "Curtly referred me to" because he wanted to keep the response short and business like as to not inject any additional or unnecessary words that might raise your blood pressure any higher.  
 Concerning branding/marketing you sometimes have to keep a laser focus on your market and goals.  In-N-Out Burgers sells burgers, burgers and burgers;  no chicken sandwiches, salads etc.  The Readers' Fast Break blog covers boys hoops, which includes all stories, videos and information.  
 As small as it may seem both in the amount of time needed to compile the girls schedule (five minutes) and the space needed (one column) The Reader may not want in any way to dilute their message which is we cover boys hoops, not boys soccer, girls hoops or wrestling.
If and when The Reader is able to cover girls hoops correctly and adequately then The Reader will do it right.
And remember, Mr. Gentile is a reporter and not necessarily the one making the call as to what is covered.

anniej March 2, 2012 @ 7:57 p.m.

"Mr. Gentile is a reporter and not necessarily the one making the call as to what is covered" - perhaps those 'in charge' will reconsider and provide the information for the girls schedule.

regarding my blood pressure - it is absolutely perfect,

my intent was to stand up for those female 'ballers' who work very hard and take pride in their efforts. not that i am insinuating that the young men do not as well.

womens libber - you betcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice 'talking' to you


PRiversofGold March 2, 2012 @ 11:13 p.m.

sorry enough people arent interested in womens bball to justify having a blog for them. its not like the reader has a blog for baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, etc, that dont have the same interest as bball and football. i really dont thinks its because everyone at the reader are bigots like you want to make out SportsOnTheSide to be. its because there isn’t enough interest to afford to have someone covering it. if there was the interest to justify covering it, im sure they would (then again, maybe im wrong, maybe decision makers at the reader are just haters who if they would have “been around back in the day you would have poo pooed the womens right to vote as well”). cause i mean, anyone who doesn’t agree with you must feel that way. its not like theres a logical reason for not covering womens bball other than that, right?


David Dodd March 3, 2012 @ 12:38 a.m.

When I was much younger, I covered prep. I was assigned to games - never chose them - and they were always boys games. It wasn't because anyone had a beef with the young ladies, that was never an issue. It was because the masses wanted to read about the young men. I would have written about any match that newspaper sent me to. And they would have sent me to a girls game if people had demanded to read about it.

Part of this "is" a sexist issue. But it certainly isn't the fault of Anthony Gentile (who does an amazing job here, I confess that I go out of my way to try and not step on his stuff, I think it's awesome, I'm a lucky man to be linked in the same frame here), nor of the Reader. Humankind simply isn't quite embracing women's athletics to the point where you are. It certainly isn't you.

I know, for example, that the SDSU women's basketball team is on top in their conference yet not rated in the polls. I also realize that most other people aren't aware. This is where we are at right now, Annie. It isn't just you. And guess what? In time, I think it will come. Meanwhile, I totally give Anthony a pass and the Reader as well. Because, you know, you have to give the world a chance to catch up to you. I'm paying attention. So are a lot of people. It'll happen one day. You wait and see.


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