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Tina Nova, chief executive of biotech Genoptix, this week was the victor in a lawsuit filed by Las Vegas's Lawrence (Lance) Ackland, whom she had wed quickly in mid-2005. She had the marriage annulled almost as quickly, partly because she realized she was still technically married to her fourth husband. He sued her for malicious intent to inflict emotional distress. According to the decision in Clark County district court, Nova was also disturbed to learn that he was exchanging allegedly sexual emails with a Canadian woman, that he was on the brink of bankruptcy, and had lost his driver's liense because of several DWI's, according to the judge's decision. The judge said that Nevada has abolished the cause of action (infliction of emotional distress). Akland's lawyer, Joshua Landish, disputes the judge's interpretation and will appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court. He also says a psychiatrist called to testify for Ackland "made a 180 degree turn" from the path he had agreed to take. Ackland claims that Nova was willing to settle with her, but he pushed ahead, believing he would win a judgment. I could not get an answer from her; she asked me never to call her again. Genoptix went public a year ago at $17 and the stock closed today (Oct. 24) at $31.66, up 50 cents. That is an excellent move during a vicious bear market when most stocks have been battered.

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JohnnyVegas Oct. 25, 2008 @ 10:54 a.m.

She had the marriage annulled almost as quickly, partly because she realized she was still technically married to her fourth husband.

...she asked me never to call her again.

Let's see, still married to her fourth hubby and was then hitched to hubby #5...she sounds like a real catch! NOT!

Reminds me a guy I used to workout with who had been married three times by the age of 24 (and just as many times divorced). I told him to stop dating strippers.

The old don't call me, I'll call you line for Don!


Don Bauder Oct. 25, 2008 @ 3:16 p.m.

Response to post #1: She has married again. According to her deposition in the Ackland case, she married David Bennett in November of 2007. Best, Don Bauder


TRUTHSeeker May 8, 2010 @ 9:44 p.m.

Tina Nova is associated with Cypress Bioscience - now why wouldn't it surprise me that they would have a person like Tina Nova on ballot to be on their Board of Directors.
Ms. Nova might be a brillant scientist but she has no common sense. She has been a bygamist - seems she married her 5th husband BEFORE she was divorced from her 4th, thereby having to annual the quickie marriage and putting a restraining order on her soon to be ex-hubby. Ms. Nova also has been accused of being a "bundler" for the Democratic fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

Tina Nova should feel right at home with Cypress Bioscience they are a very unethical company, with many ex employees scattered around the San Diego area.


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