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“I’ll miss the apple fritters,” sighs Suzie. She’s a guide with Old Town Trolley Tours, the green and orange antique buses that you see hauling around with tourists hanging out of their open sides.


We’re standing outside the Old Town Market Café, right next to the trolley’s ticket booth (at 4010 Twiggs Street, Old Town). Instead of the bright carrot-top figure of Jason West behind the counter...


...it’s just a rolled-down screen of beige canvas.


“He closed last Friday,” says another OT Trolley guy, David, known as “The Chef.” “Lot of people will miss him. He did really good coffee.”

Me too. Jason was my go-to guy when it came to coffee, and his tarragon chicken salad wraps? Beautiful. White chicken meat, celery, almonds, parsley, tarragon and romaine lettuce, all wrapped in a thin flour tortilla. Totally delicious, $4.99. That plus a Dirty Chai, a chai latte with a shot of espresso ($4).

Who to blame? The Bermuda Triangle, of course.

“It’s weird, really weird,” Jason told me last January. “But right here, at the entrance to the State Park parking, between the theater and me, we have countless fender benders. Just in this little part of Twiggs. And people get lost. I have people coming up and asking ‘Where are we? Is this Old Town?’ They seem to enter a dream warp. Then a few yards out and they’re themselves again. Everybody who works here notices it.”

Could it be, The Triangle has struck again? After all, Whaley House, Campo Santo ain’t far away.

“This is where we kind of get together before we take our tours out,” says The Chef. “Now where are we going to get our coffee?”


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