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Hawaiian? Japanese?

Down in IB trying to decide which takeout.

On my right, Hawaiian.

The Big Kahuna (600 Palm Avenue, Suite 117, in Silver Strand Plaza). Place I’ve had really good experiences at before. I liked their palapas and the full-sized tikis with the toothy grins. Loved their Big Kahuna Burger with shredded cabbage, 1/2lb patty and one huge Hawaiian bun. Cost me $7.85.

So that’s on my right. On my left, Meijo (600 Palm Avenue, Suite 300, Imperial Beach, 619-429-4373). The curved building this is in is the first place you see when you’ve come down the Silver Strand and curve into IB.


I’ve been here before too. It’s known for the sailfish on its walls...


...the wooden masu boxes that customers keep there to drink sake from...


Sunfish and masu boxes

...and the way-big value you get for your hard-earned dollar. Like, three-buck sushi, six-buck combination plates.

And good food, too. I was here a year ago and got the sushi mix. Five different kinds of fish on rice, plus nine pieces of sushi roll for $8.95. (That’s as a special in the evening. During the day it’s $9.95. Still a deal.)

So today I choose Meijo (it’s the familiar name of the famous Nagoya Japanese castle). But not a lot of time to dilly. I ask Jackie at the front desk what’d be quickest. Got a bus to catch.

“Combo meal,” she says. There’s a slew of combos, from Meijo chicken with oyster sauce, fried seafood mix, deep-fried shrimp and scallop, to pork teriyaki and fried gyoza. They all come with rice, salad, and are only $5.95. If you pick a side like egg rolls it’s $6.95.

But the one that calls to me is the ginger seafood combo. It has seven pieces, including salmon, snapper, crab and shrimp. Just $6.95. What a bargain!


Jackie hands me the food


My half of the ginger seafood combo

Actually Carla and I share it when I get it home. And it’s almost enough to fill us, what with the salad and rice and all. And the ginger gives it a sexy snap I jes’ love.

Carla too.

“One night,” she says, “we’re going down there to make an evening of it. It sounds like that kind of place.”

The lady’s right.

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