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This was news to me, but as of yesterday the new Babycakes Cafe opened up right next to the tennis courts in Morley Field. It's a big change form the main Babycakes in Hillcrest, which is a hopping scene for cocktail drinking, cupcake munching party animals. For starters, there's a dress code at the courtside cafe: white polo shirts are the order of the day to fit the classy style of tennis players. The cafe itself is on the backside of the building that faces the tennis courts at the west end of the Balboa Tennis Club.

I've written before about the Hillcrest Babycakes, specifically the brunch, but the food is different at the California Casual Cafe as well. I picked up a menu and it's very short. The offerings are mainly salads, soups, panini, and quiches. Really, it's a light nosh suitable for the appetites of tennis players and passersby in the park. Prices are held comfortably under $10 and the menu items are described with the occasionally breathless superlatives typical of Babycakes--"magnificient" cheese sauce and "sassy" slaw, to point out the more charming examples.

Of course, I'm sure there will be plenty of cupcakes to eat as well.

There's very little doubt that everyone working at the new Babycakes cafe will be friendly and cheerful to the extreme, as that's just the way the business seems to operate. The obvious convenience of being able to grab a sandwich and not leave the park will be appreciated by softballers, tennis afficionados, and starving bicycle racers alike.

I, for one, like the idea of a meatloaf panino with Wisconsin cheddar and "comfort sauce," whatever that is!

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