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Man. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Wait: I am in a candy store.

Never meant to, but I just bought $4 worth of home-made maple walnut fudge.

For Carla, you understand.

OK, partly for me. I will not feel guilty. I will not feel guilty. I will not…

This is Fuzziwigs Candy Factory (1126 Orange Avenue, 619-437-7290), a candy store that set up a year or so ago in deepest downtown Coronado. Right on the path to Carla’s hair place. She went on ahead.

I jes’ came in for a looky-see.

I leave with two questions.

How come we do feel so guilty buying candy?

And how come this lady Trish and her husband Don and her son Scott have created eighty of these stores across the country in the last ten years?



Oh, and how come she’s still actually making stuff herself, every morning, here in the little kitchen behind the counter, when she could be in some corporate headquarters corner office counting beans?


Local resident Tiger tries to resist the pull..

And just think about it:

*These have been maybe the worst years for business start-ups in 80 years, they say.

*We’re in the age of nuts and twigs, they say.

*Diabetes is on the rampage, they say.

And yet this back-to-the-future, very retro, very, well, cozy and colorful candy store is making and selling everything from home-made fudge to white chocolate crunch to Dippin’ Dots, whatever da heck they are.


And they seem like they're always busy.

“Coronado is loving on us,” says Trish. "And we're loving on them right back."

She thinks the reason they’re so popular is that in stressed-out times, people need a little relief.

“Partly it’s what a lot of customers remember from their childhood. We are big on making as much as we can ourselves, fresh, every day. No preservatives. I’m in here cooking at eight every morning. And I eat my chocolate all the time. It cuts down on my hunger. Chocolate’s like butter, and wine: first they were good for you, then they were bad for you, now they’re good for you again. All things in moderation, I say. You do have to enjoy life a bit when you can.”

Janine Bailey comes in. She’s picking up a big box of 21 party favors. "It’s for my son,” she says. “We needed something special. It’s his 10th birthday. Twenty-one guests.”

Me, I’m thinking how well my, uh, our fudge will go with a cawfee at 1134 next door. I had a sample. It was sitting on the counter for customers. Dee-lish, almosty crunchy. Nothing commercial about it.

Yes, Café 1134. I can wait for her there. Carla, I'll keep the fudge lunch down to a small roar, I swear.

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