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Get your walkin' boots on...

At the mouth of the Sweetwater River, in the badlands west of the I-5, National City kinda surprises you with a brand-new facility beside a yacht basin.

It’s a place where all the yacht owners and live-aboards can do their washing, cook meals on shore, -and socialize at the restaurant, the Waterfront Grill at Pier 32 (3201 Marina Way, Pier 32 Marina, National City, 619-718-6240).


Till recently, they had a pretty sweet happy hour Monday to Friday that went great with the sunsets you’d get, looking south towards Tijuana and west towards, well, Hawaii.


You'll know you've arrived when you see this sculpture


Night view of marina and TJ beyond


In the summertime...the happy hour menu only works Fridays now

Heck, they even had Green Flash beer that goes kinda well when you’re sitting there waiting to catch the real green flashes on the horizon.


Front deck - taken after sunset

The main happy hour deals have always been $2 beers like Miller Genuine Draft and $2 fish tacos. And really good, crispy fish tacos at that.

Specially when the main dishes go from about $9 to $19.

Only two problems: one, it’s a heckuva walk from the nearest bus/trolley stop (at 8th Street National City), and two, they’ve cut way back on their hours.

Nowadays, they’re only open for lunch through the week, so happy hour’s only on Fridays now (3:00 p.m. to sunset) through the winter months.

Come spring and summer, they promise to make it an everyday thing again.

But on a Friday, it’s definitely worth it, jes’ to sit out on deck, sip suds, crunch the battered cod in the taco and watch ol’ Huey sink into Big Blue.


If you can spring eleven bucks, this 1/2lb burger and its dee-lish bean salad are way worth it

See more in next week’s Tin Fork.

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