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Here’s a really nifty option for late nite foodies. It was started by a couple of bachelors, brothers, in their East Village loft on 10th Avenue just around when the ballpark was going up.

Davin and Cooper McLaughlin still run The Corner (369 10th Avenue, on the corner of 10th and J, 619-531-8804), basically letting the rest of us into their bachelor party loft, in the old Carnation Milk factory.

I’m finding this out around eleven at night. Been here before, but never this late. Like some grateful drunk after his regular bars have all closed on him – except me, it’s hunger. The eateries are all shuttered - I discovered their street-level entrance still open, welcoming, and hey, promising food till midnight.

I bounced upstairs to this kinda secret hideaway bar full of nooks and crannies, Amanda the cheery barkeep...


...and - even now – a clutch of people who are full of bright conversation that’s actually interesting, not just slurred sermons on how Obama’s really a secret agent of the MAFIA (Martian Advance Force for the Invasion of America).

I take one of the bar stools. Chad...


...the other server behind the bar, comes up. I can’t resist ordering a Stone IPA ($6), Perfect for a hot night.

But then I’m looking at their food. And they pretty much have the whole standard range. And good prices, too. Appetizers like chicken wings (8 for $7.95), tater tots ($5) four mini corn dogs for $4.50.

Plus, get here during happy hour (4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. daily), you get $2 off all appetizers. So those corn dogs would be $2.50.

You can get a delish-sounding Corner Salad (with kidney beans, bacon, blue cheese) for $8.50, or a half for $5.50. And they’re pretty proud of their 1/2lb burgers ($9.50 - $12.50).

But in the end, this barkeep gal Amanda recommends the grilled cheese sando - 3 cheeses, grilled crisp, with tater tots. “Because tonight,” - and this was last Wednesday – “You only pay $5, not the $6.50 standard price.”

And my giddy aunt: these are two whopping sandwiches, plus a whole plateful of tater tots.


Cholesterol city? Yes, but you won’t come out complaining you’re still hungry after this mountain of goodies. Plus you get a wasabi aioli on the side. Great to dip the tots into.

Turns out Amanda’s an actress too. “Did you ever see ‘Joey and Maria’s Comedy Italian Wedding’? Dinner Theater? I was Maria. It was the best time of my life. Everything was live and alive, everything was interaction. God it was fun.”

So hey, that was last Wednesday.

Tonight’s Wednesday, the $5 deal’s on again.

Hmm. Must think of an excuse to get back to that part of town again.

I know. Let’s get Amanda to be Maria. Start our own dinner theater.

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