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JP’s surrounded.

By yoga studios.

“I love it,” he says. “And I think the locals love having us up here.”

“Here” is Leucadia. JP’s vegan, raw, locovore kitchen has just opened in Encinitas (Peace Pies, 133 Daphne Street, behind Mozy’s Café; 619-618-6960).

JP’s a one-man movement trying to save us from our greasy-spoon selves. He started off at People’s Food Co-op on Voltaire, then opened his own stall at the OB Wednesday farmers’ market. That’s where I first had his collard wrap. Oh man. All sorts of good stuff wrapped in a huge, red-veined collard leaf.

Cost $3 back then. And they're about the most popular thing up in Leucadia. Except now they cost $5.

"Gotta pay the rent," he says. Things like his raw "pizza" slices cost about that too. Tomato and walnut patty veggieburger's $8.

“We use sunflower seeds for our base,” JP says. The rest kinda tastes like tuna salad. Nuts and twigs? He invented the phrase. He uses flavorings like fresh dill and dulse (uh, seaweed). Dang, but it was good.

So is The Movement growing? Well, JP and gang moved into a permanent place at 4230 Voltaire in OB. Then in May a fire in the bakery next door smoked them out. The place is closed for a while.

But you can’t stop loco-veggie-vegan-vore progress. September 1st, he opened in Leucadia. "And we’ll be back open in OB in another month. Plus we still do the markets. Little Italy, OB, Hillcrest and the Sunday one here in Leucadia.”

“Wow,” I say. “Sounds like Peace Pie’s going great guns.”

Uh, maybe not a fortunate choice of words.

“Peace,” he says.

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