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PB managed to party it up last night, as the blackout took most of us back to stone-age star-gazing for entertainment. But staid downtown Coronado?

Absolutely! And you can thank Brant Sarber, owner of Costa Azul (1031 Orange Avenue) for that.


Brant Sarber

“When the power went off, people were so disappointed,” he told me in the dark outside. “So I scrawled out a sign that said ‘$2 beers!’ and drew a big arrow on it and walked across Orange and waved it around. And don’t you know, within ten minutes we were packed. Rockin’ in the twilight! We gave them chips and salsa, too.”


Costa Azul (with the power on)

Of course it was cash only, and only until it got dark. “I had to close it down then,” says Brant. “People falling, insurance issues. But it was fun while it lasted. Turned into the happiest of happy hours, because everybody was on an adventure.”

Elsewhere on the sceptered isle, Park Place Liquor was making sandwiches. A family of Austrians bought four of them, along with a six pack of Beck beer, and headed next door to the patio of Tent City, which was closed down and dark.

“We decided to have a picnic,” said the bubbly lady from Vienna. “And free choice of tables!”

Further up, near Lambs Players theater, the Fuzziwigs folks had set up a little sidewalk counter and were handing out free cups of Dippin’ Dots, the little ice cream thingamajigs they sell in their candy store.

“No point hanging on to them,” said the gent. “They’ll be one big puddle by the time the power comes back on.”

  • Feast! alerts


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