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“Okay, first question,” says Tom. He’s standing on the stage where Napoleon Complex will be playing later. “More people are killed by donkeys worldwide than die in plane crashes every year. True or shit?”

This is quiz night at U-31, the bar, live music scene, eatery on University at, yes, 31st (3112 University Avenue, North Park, 619-584-4188).

Actually saw about it in da Reader. Happened to be up here in North Park, coolest li’l enclave south of Seattle. Popped in (ahead of these two happy contestants)...


...and before you know it Jennifer at the bar’s telling me they have 50-cent wings tonight, as well as $2.50 veggie tacos.

That, for starters, gets my attention. Order three hot wings and three sweet wings and that taco.



And a draft Bud Light. Sorry. I know it’s SD Beer Week and all that. But need to save a buck here. Total’s $8.50.


What $8.50 buys


Yum, at 50 cents per...


...but this is the Real Thing

Tonight, Wednesday, is Trivial Pursuit night. Folks here are clustered in booths, huddled around slips that Tom has handed out.



It’s all reddish walls, black-matte ceilings, ducts, marble bar, a stage, and adenoidal British lounge rock on the sound system when Tom's not speaking.


Jennifer at The Wall

Tom’s asking Question Five when Jennifer brings the food.

“When you look in a gecko’s ear, you can see clear out the other side. True or shit?”

The wings are really good. I’d forgotten about wings. Like the hot, love the sweet.

For a moment I’m kinda of into burger envy. This guy Dan’s halfway into his Smoky Mountain Blue Burger. Has Memphis BBQ sauce, bacon, blue cheese, lettuce. Costs $7.50. “Addicted,” he says. He’s Cheery Jennifer’s bf.

But one chomp, and I know I have the champion chew for the night. Surprise! It’s this veggie taco. Super delish. Zucchini, black beans, fresh chilies, cheddar cheese, white sauce, tomatoes, cotija cheese, something scrunchy in there too...and I see slaw cabbage.

Except, huh. Scrunchy, cabbage? No mention of cabbage in the menu's veggie taco description. Now I'm wondering if they accidentally gave me a fish taco ($2.50 also). Except it has the guac...oh, what thu heck. Maybe we have something new here.

I mean, is this the world's first veggie/fish taco? Whatever, I’d walk a mile to come for a second. It’s that good.

Meanwhile, back in the quiz, Tom's at answer time.

Donkeys or planes? Donkeys!

And can you see clear through both ears of a gecko, true or shit?

“True,” says Tom.

And don't doubt it, 'cause in here, Wednesday nights, Tom is King.

No shit.

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