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I’d like to address what may be the most pressing question on every modern San Diegan’s mind: where can I get the most amazing burrito for the least amount of money possible?

If you’re anything like me (of course you are – I’m the archetypal San Diegan, brah) you’ve spent countless twilight hours skulking between all-night taco shop drive-thrus, gorging yourself on overstuffed burritos that cost mere pocket change and wondering aloud if this is, in fact, the afterlife.

In response to your query, yes, it is, and, for my first installment in the Burrito Barato series, I give you one of my most heavenly discoveries from years of arduous research: the chile relleno burrito at Bahia Mexican Restaurant.

Maybe it’s because I eat five of these things a week and they’ve become synonymous with triumph over hangovers, maybe it’s because just about every member of the Ibarra family (who have run the place for the past nine years) knows it’s me on the phone before I even order, or maybe it’s because the anomalous ‘rito containing a deep-fried and cheese-stuffed California chile, rice, sour cream, and enchilada sauce comes to $4.62 after tax, but I’m a total lifer when it comes to this meal. I would wear it on my shirt, and often, after a particularly enriching night on the town, I do.

Bahia’s salsa bar touts a chunky red weak sauce, a refreshing green, and a nice & spicy red. This strip mall hole-in-the-wall closes at 11 p.m., so you’ll have to look elsewhere to satisfy those late night munchies. But worry not, my intrepid chow fiends – 24 hour eats are next week’s helping of Burrito Barato.

Bahia Mexican Restaurant (619) 542-0540 1985 El Cajon Blvd. at Florida


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Jane Belanger May 17, 2011 @ 11:53 p.m.

Um, that CRB looks AMAZING, I must say. If it wasn't already after 11, I might find myself heading over there right NOW!

I will have to try it. In the meantime, my personal fave comes from Gloria's Taco Shop in Golden Hill (28th & A).

Many a time, I've ordered the chile-relleno burrito, then sat for 20 minutes and watched as my burrito is painstakingly prepared. Slow food at fast-food prices = contentment.


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