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Don’t you just long to stride into a French restaurant and rattle off greetings and orders like a Parisian pro?

“Bonsoir tout le monde! Ça va? Bien! Et vous? Un rouge, s’il vous plaît.”

Maybe do your Piaf thing and sing a verse of “Milord” too.

Whatever. One of my favorite crêperies, Fabrison’s in Little Italy (1425 India Street, 619-955-8834) wants to help. They’re starting up their French lessons again.

And it’s kinda fun. They have get-togethers every Monday 5:30 to 6:30. They cost five bucks. Cheap at the price. And you get 15 percent off any food or drink you buy.

Me, that’d be an Alison’s Special Crêpe ($8.95), basically chicken and cheese with pesto. They say their crêpe machine, a Krampouz, is the best in the world.

Alison, who invented this lush belly-filler, started up the place with her French husband, Fabrice (Fabr-ison, get it?). They see French lessons as part of their reach-out to becoming a genuine hangout for the community.

"We want to be a café du quartier,” where we know everybody’s name,” says Fabrice.

Café du quartier.

Like that.

P.S. They say they’ll have their beer and wine license “soon.” Image

Alison's Special Crêpe

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