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Kids know best, right?

Especially when it comes to burgers.

So, this three-year-old kid, Kole, is sitting at the table across from me, here at Ryan's Cafe (5201 Linda Vista Road, suite 103), manhandling a giant burger. At least giant is how it looks in his hands. Makes it look dee-lish, too. Can’t believe he’s going to get through it all.


Kole takes on his cheeseburger quarter-pounder ($5.39)

His brother, Jacob (7) is doing the same thing. Jacob’s twin, Christopher, is ripping the meat off buffalo wings.


Twins Christopher and Jacob. Christopher's wings cost $8.79, most expensive item on the menu

Next table, Jesús, student from USD (just up the hill from here), is chewing on a marinated grilled chicken sandwich. Says Ryan’s has gotten him through his four-year accountancy degree.


Jesús the accounting student chomps into his chicken sandwich ($6.39)

Kole’s dad (eating a gyro) says they stopped here because his name’s Ryan, too.

Me, I had to come in to this strip mall place because it’s an honest-looking café (there are lots of gussied-up ones around here), and wow, it has bargains.

The banner outside advertises an all-day breakfast special with egg, potato, bacon, and toast, for $3.99.

Now, all I gotta do is decide which bargain…(more in next week’s Tin Fork)


Ryan's Cafe, not far from Ballast Point Brewery, USD

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Caltona July 1, 2011 @ 10:35 a.m.

That first one reminds me of Rodney Alan Rippy from the 70's Jumbo Jack ads... "Too big a eat!!!"


Ed Bedford July 1, 2011 @ 11:24 a.m.

Hi Caltona: Oh yeah. So true. I've just looked at that ad on YouTube. One of their most successful ads. Jack In The Box should get in touch with Kole, pronto, 'cause he deMOLISHED that Ryanburger. (Or maybe Ryan's should become SD's second big chain...)-Ed


kearnykomet71 June 2, 2012 @ 2 p.m.

If anybody remembers Linda Vista in the 60's, Bill's Burger Stop had the best burgers in the neighborhood. Next door was the pink "art deco" LINDA movie theater and the indoor slot car track nearby, where you could bring your own racer. And Gilmores Hardware and Schwinn bike shop. Alas all gone.


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