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Maybe it was because I was in a rush, but this slice of pizza was a slice of heaven.

Was jes' waiting on the trolley at Civic Center and saw that place you trundle past, like every day of your life, and never notice. A Brooklyn Pizzeria (401 C Street, downtown, 619-232-1900).

This was Friday night, heading for six. Bone weary. Long week. Needed something. No sign of a trolley all the way up to City College. Walked the short block to the red, white, and green canopy.


List of specials outside

You expect, this part of town, this time of day, this kind of street pizza place would be kinda quiet. But no way. Inside, families, street people, businessmen are all in for the same reason as me: Friday Night Munchies.


And choice? They have a dozen sliced pizza pies in their displays and another one cooking in a big red-tiled oven right there.



"This is hands down the best oven in town," says Chris, one of the two cooks working up the pizzas. And I believe him, because, hey, I recognize him. He used to be at Ciro's in its original incarnation. And he cooked a real good pizza pie over there, too.


Chris and David

"Greek stone," says David, the other cook. "This oven is made from Greek stone. I'm from Mexico City, and this is ten times as good as the tray pizza baking we do down there."

He says the Margherita ($3 a slice) is the most popular. But I go for a slice of pepperoni, just because it's fresh out and looks so golden and red and bubbling and "eat me!" And $2.75. Hey, those quarters add up.

And here's the thing. It's probably the fact I've had nothing all day, but this is totally scrumbo. Fresh, hot, strong cheesy, not too doughy, and lots of pepperoni disks.


My slice of pepperoni heaven

Oh man. All hail the red-tiled oven. I scarf that wedge in two minutes flat, the last two inches while I run back up the block to catch the trolley before the doors close.

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