Ensenada Bahia Todos Santos Named “World Surfing Reserve” (El Sol de Tijuana, 1/28/13)

Ensenada, BC - A Surfing Reserve title of honor was decreed on the Bahia Todos Santos by the "World Surfing Reserves" (WSR) Association and will contribute to endorsements of Ensenada as a tourist vacation place, said Municipal President Enrique Pelayo Torres. The mayor said that last November, the 20th Town Hall submitted a letter where it joined efforts with the town’s surfer community for Ensenada to be considered for the title.

He mentioned this achievement places Ensenada on the world’s Ecological-Tourist map and will help to generate greater awareness about the importance of such natural public spaces and makes them worthy of preservation. Enrique Pelayo congratulated the municipality’s surfer community for the 6th such achievement in the world and the first time the WSR has given it to a natural area in Mexico, making it the second in Latin America.

"Without a doubt this honorary title enables future generations to enjoy Todos Santos Bahia – a place of unsurpassed beauty in our country - especially for the lovers of surfing", he said. The Municipal President of Ensenada mentioned that the waves in Todos Santos Bahia are unique for their quality and consistency which therefore help it play an important role in the history of the aquatic sports in our country.

"World Surfing Reserves" was founded in 2009 by an international group of surfers, scientists and environmentalists headed by Save The Waves and NSR Australia, to create a global model for the protection of surfing. http://worldsurfingreserves.org/bahia-todos-santos-mexico Viable areas that become world surfing reserves are evaluated and selected based on the following criteria: quality and consistency in the area of waves or surf zones; environmental characteristics of the area; the culture of surfing and its history in the area and the support of the local community. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2859098.htm

63% of Tijuana Surgeons are Charlatans (El Sol de Tijuana, 1/28/13 by Juan Guizar)

Tijuana, BC - The number of physicians who provide cosmetic surgery services on the border has tripled and now numbers 170, although 63% are "charlatans" (swindlers, quacks or practice under a form of pretense or deception) warned the Baja California College of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

To launch a consumer alert, Agency President Dr. Miguel Ángel Parra Esquivel, explained that surgeon "charlatans" are such due to their lack of requirements necessary to legally function, whether it is a Plastic Surgery Graduate Diploma, a Specialist Certificate or a Board of Plastic Surgery Certificate.

The College of Certified Professionals added, "Citizens are called on to be careful when having any type of operation performed, making sure that you go to a certified specialist, since the number of alleged surgeons has tripled well above the number who practice the profession legally, because in Tijuana there are only 50 who are certified.”

Referring to how "charlatan doctors" operate, he said, "They work by advertising and promoting services at low prices that deceive people. Coupled with that, they confuse people by using the titles of aesthetic physician and cosmetic surgeon, but sometimes the results are regrettable," stressed Parra Esquivel.

He said most requested interventions from the profession are tummy tucks, liposuction and breast implants with a great majority being patients coming from the State of California - San Ysidro to San Francisco. Although he also acknowledged, many of these people travel from Las Vegas, Washington and Florida, among places in the U.S., making up 80% of the demand originating from the neighboring country, because they recognize the quality of doctors in Baja California and especially Tijuana.

The Baja California College of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons have made their web page available www.ccperbc.com to citizens to allow people to verify specialists that are authorized to practice these medical procedures. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2859113.htm

18% of Adults in Mexico are Diabetic (El Sol de Tijuana, 1/27/13 by Juan Guizar)

Tijuana, BC - Around 18% of the national adult population is diabetic and the worry is the trend is growing, said Endocrinologist Alberto Navarro Lara, who added that in contrast it also increases the “Ignorance of Diagnosis Index”, because in many cases "there are no symptoms even if blood sugar levels are very high".

He added a lack of preventive measures causes one in every five people to be diabetic and makes them vulnerable for suffering a series of complications that seriously affect their health to a degree of a decreased life expectancy from five to 10 years, said the specialist.

He said that according to data of the 2006 National Survey of Health and Nutrition, 7% of the population acknowledged having a diagnosis of diabetes and analyzed blood samples taken during the survey identified another important fact: 7% of diabetics were unaware they had the disease, so 14% of the adult population were suffering from the disorder.

On the same statistical basis he explained, also revealed in 2012 the prevalence of people who knew of their diagnosis rose to 9.2%, which means today around 18% of the adult population in the country have the illness. What is worrisome is the “Ignorance of Diagnosis Index” because in many cases there are no apparent symptoms even if blood sugar levels are as high as 200 mg/dl, he stressed.

"Diabetes is an abnormal blood glucose elevation. Although we all have glucose in our blood, the difference is the level which counts. A big problem we find is the population in Mexico is not accustomed to prevention and only go to doctors when they feel bad – and that it is usually when the disease has already advanced", he stressed.

In that sense, Navarro Lara indicated that diabetes symptoms may include fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision, a frequent urge to urinate, unusual thirst and hunger. The symptoms, however, if not addressed in a span of 8 to 10 years may result in such chronic complications occurring as: diabetic retinopathy causing blindness, diabetic nephropathy ending in kidney failure, as well as diabetic neuropathy leading to limb amputation. http://www.oem.com.mx/elsoldetijuana/notas/n2858151.htm


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