Homeless People in Danger Due to Intense Cold (El Mexicano, 1/11/13 by Lucia Gomez Sanchez)

TIJUANA, BC - The indigent, mostly older adults and people with mental conditions that are also often derived from aging, are sufferers of the more frigid temperatures which are passing through the city and will remain in the coming days.

Despite the opening of shelters by municipal authorities in coordination with civil society organizations, there are people who cannot reach these spaces on their own; nor are they referred by the preventive authorities, as it should happen.

In different parts of the municipality, but primarily in the central area and most specifically on the streets of the Primer Cuadro and Zona Norte, the indigent suffer from the intense cold on sidewalks, protected only by multiple layers of dirty clothes and for those with more luck, covered by blankets from the grime and wetness.

Their poverty is evident. They hoard what little they have by placing it around them and watch time pass. They do sot with a frequency that enables them to become drowsy from hunger losing touch with reality.

The municipal authority has requested citizens report anyone in a vulnerable situation requiring to be moved to a shelter to avoid the intense cold to emergency number 066. However, it is the same citizens close to those sites where these people are located who observe the authorities ignoring those reports and the days pass without patrols passing by to pick them up. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/11/642910/peligran-indigentes-por-el-intenso-frio.aspx

They Risk Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (El Mexicano, 1/11/13 by Cutberto Bernal Valerio)

SAN LUIS R.C., SONORA.- In the first week of January, 16 new cases were recorded of people intoxicated by carbon monoxide trying to be safe from the intense cold, for a total of 33 cases registered in the current winter season in the State. The director of epidemiology of the Ministry of Health in the State, Sergio Olve-Alba RA, reported that in the 6 cases of intoxicated persons, all were able to be saved from death and reacted well to treatments provided to them, but still the danger of death arise since people insist on heating homes with stoves that use coal as fuel and gas heaters, items that are dangerous.

With these 16 cases, they a total of 33 cases though the first week of January, a figure that is still less than in the winter of 2012, but the number of intoxicated begins to increase, and there is a fear that new cases will arise. So far, six have been killed for that reason. The last case occurred in Agua Prieta although it is suspicious. A young man, 27, tried to keep warm, he said, by leaving the engine of a motorcycle running, which produced carbon monoxide. The machine stopped working when ran out fuel, but the young man was already dead, poisoned with carbon monoxide. It is believed that it may have been suicide, but it is posted as accident.

The official recommended that citizens do not use the heaters or gas stoves as they are dangerous. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2013/01/12/643087/cunden-las-intoxicaciones-con-monoxido-de-carbono.aspx


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