Tijuana Cruz Roja Delivers Blankets to Poor (Uniradio Informa, 1/5/13)

Tijuana, BC - As one part of the ‘Abriga un corazón’ (Warms a heart) campaign carried out by the Tijuana Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Mexicana delegation, the first aid group in conjunction with the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), delivered a total of 100 blankets to people with limited resources in colonia Murúa.

The President of the Executive Council of the meritorious institution, Salvador Gutiérrez González mentioned that as in other parts of the city, few places exist to resist the cold, hence the reason for donating blankets to somewhat mitigate the low temperatures that have existed lately in the city.

Therefore, coupled with this first installment, in the coming days they will be providing around 150 blankets at another strategic point, which meets the characteristics of the group that is usually known for ambulance staff who realize these needs should go to all of Tijuana, he said. He stressed that for several years the Cruz Roja has been doing this activity, touring the channel of the river where destitute live among weeds or sleep on sidewalks covered with newspapers or cartons, especially in the Central and Northern zones.

Also, Gutierrez Gonzalez said that a caravan of paramedical staff provide humanitarian work units of the institution, who in addition to the commitment they have to helping the needy in an emergency, are working to prevent the suffering of people vulnerable to the cold. Finally, the President of the Steering Council of the Tijuana Cruz Roja invited citizens to join the effort to help those who need it with shelter, since during the cold season respiratory diseases or hypothermia are very likely to occur that can lead to the death of people. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo167250.html

Luckiest Man in the World (Uniradio Informa, 1/6/13)

Petrinja, Croatia - What would you call a man who has managed to deceive death seven times, and won the lottery? This is the story of Fran Selak, "Luckiest man in the world", a Professor of music, 81 years of age from Croatia.

The life that Mr. Selak has lived is quite extraordinary. He survived a plane crash, several crashes of cars and trains and other disasters such as falling from a plane through an open door on plane flight and landing in a haystack. And if that was not enough, the cherry on the cake was on the day of his fifth marriage, Selak won 600,000 pounds (almost $1 million) in a lottery.

Selak’s first rub with death (or luck) came when the train he was traveling on from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik in 1962 derailed and he fell into an icy river. While 17 people drowned in the accident, Selak escaped with an attack of hypothermia, some bruises and a broken arm.

The second time was only a year later, in his first and only flight from Zagreb to Rijeka. The cabin door opened and several passengers, him included, went flying out. 19 people were killed, but Selak landed in a haystack.

In 1966, he was traveling in a bus that went into a river. Four people drowned, while Selak swam to the shore with some cuts and bruises.

In 1970 he had his fourth almost fatal accident. The car in which he was driving caught fire on a highway. Luckily, he could flee before the fuel tank exploded. Only three years later, his car gave him problems again. A faulty fuel pump sprayed fuel onto the hot engine, sending flames through the vents. This time, he lost most of his hair, but the rest of his body was still intact.

The sixth and seventh accidents occurred in consecutive years: 1995 and 1996. In 95 he was hit by a bus in Zagreb, but suffered only minor injuries. And 96, a truck came directly towards him when he was driving on a mountain road. Trying to avoid it, he broke through a barrier and went down a 100 meter cliff. Fortunately jumped out of the car and landed in a tree, while his car collided and exploded.

"I never thought I was lucky to survive at all my run-ins with death. I thought that it was bad luck was part of these accidents in the first place," said Selak, who until recently was the owner of a luxury home on a private island with a great fortune. But he didn’t adhere to "money can't buy happiness", so he sold his house, gave much of his money away to his family and friends and returned to his former one, a modest home in Petrinja, South of Zagreb, in the Center of Croatia. The only part of his fortune he saved for himself was to pay for a hip replacement operation and construction of a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary as a way of thanks for his fate. He now enjoys his life with his wife in a humble home. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/insolito/articulo167313.html


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