800 Students Evacuated (EL VIGIA, 9/13/12 by Luis Miguel Ramirez)

Ensenada, BC - Someone accidentally broke a bottle containing a chemical substance in a school laboratory and it produced a toxic gas. The bottles had been stored at the school lab for years. Because of the potential threat of a toxic gas, firefighters immediately deployed hoses and connected them to the pumps.

Eight-hundred students, teachers and staff of technical secondary school number 20, were evacuated after a chemical vial of chemicals broke in a campus lab creating a cloud of toxic gas.

To control the incident and prevent any injuries, fire personnel intervened and proceeded to remove several more vials jars that were on the classroom shelves and unused for generations.

School staff said the chemical substances that were in the 12 glass containers had different applications. They were removed from the laboratory and the campus for discard however, no information was provided about the proper protocol for the transport of hazardous materials.

After taking the containers from the laboratory, they were put in plastic bags and then into a paint can and sealed with adhesive tape so that Civil protection resources could transfer them to a competent authority for disposal or treatment.

Around 12 PM, the high school teachers requested the intervention of emergency authorities, since one of the chemical jars broke and there was a risk of poisoning or death.

As a result, Ensenada fire department personnel arrived on scene to first protect and evacuate students and staff, as it was unknown if there was a risk of a toxic gas and immediately cordoned-off the area.

In an orderly manner, 829 students went to the athletic courts, away from the laboratory, as bomb squad personal, dressed with protective equipment and self-contained breathing masks, gloves, helmets and boots, approached the closed laboratory.

Three firefighters entered the lab cautiously where the vials were stored, while others waited outside with hoses and water to assist them in the event of imminent chemical contact.

Meanwhile, the Municipality Civil Protection Director and staff were made aware of the situation to establish a protocol if the intervention got out of control.

Despite the lack of equipment to handle the hazardous materials, firefighters finally came out the classroom with the jars, preventing further leaks or causing another alarm. http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/desalojan-estudiantes

San Diego to Ensenada Regata on October 5 (EL VIGIA, 9/13/12 by Gerardo Sanchez)

Ensenada, BC - On October 5 the 49th San Diego-Ensenada Regata will be held with the participation 50 US sailors and about 10 Mexicans.

Nicolás Saad Andrés, one of the promoters of this competition, reported that that race is part of three nautical tours that will take place, first only in San Diego, then the San Diego-Ensenada route and finally, on October 7, a race will be held in the Bay of Todos Santos.

The tourist promoter stressed the importance of nautical tourism in the region and the need to give greater support to this sector. He indicated this race has a great tradition and will involve prominent sailors from Mexico and the United States, hoping that about 50 sailboats will make the trip with an average of three crew and passengers for each. He emphasized the route can be done in five to twelve hours, depending on the ability of the crew, weather conditions and characteristics of the sailboats. http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/octubre-5-la-regata-san-diego-ensenada


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