Corpse Found in Canal (AFN, 10/24/12)

TIJUANA, BC 24 – During work in the Tijuana River canal, the discovery of a corpse on the site was reported under the bridge of Boulevard Cuauhtemoc Norte. The finding was reported at approximately 11 AM, according to the police report.

Upon arrival Municipal police officers found the body of a man about 35 to 40 years of age, with no visible traces of violence.

Agents of the Homicidos Dolosos Unit and an agent of the Public Ministry of the common law arrived to attest to the discovery and performed the removal of the body.

Suspected Murderer Stoned 2 Girls (AFN, 10/24/12)

TIJUANA, BC - Eduardo Galindo Soto, 36, stoned two girls, one 14 and another eight years, and was arrested by Playas de Tijuana residents and delivered to the Municipal police. In addition he was charged for theft and homicide.

According to the police report, at 6:40 PM on Tuesday, at calle Pedregal and avenida Del Agua in the Playas de Tijuana neighborhood, Galindo Soto was brought to them by the mother of the children, María Magdalena Rodríguez González, 34.

The man had injured the girls by throwing stones at them causing bruises on the right forearm and various parts of the body to the youngest child, 8, while the 14 year-old was injured on her neck.

Residents stopped him and told authorities that the man was also suspected as the person responsible for a house robbery and killing of two people in Colonia El Mirador. State Ministerial police officers were summoned to investigate the case.

The alleged thief and murderer was taken to the common law Public Ministry under offical case number T02/1493/2012.


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