Baja California Manufacturing Grows 6.9% (El Sol de Tijuana, 11/14/12 by Adam Mondragon)

Tijuana, BC - Baja California manufacturing recorded a significant growth in July of 6.9% compared to the same month in 2011, placing third in the North and twelfth nationally, allowing a recovery to take place in the industry, said Paulo Alfonso Carrillo Regino, Undersecretary of Economic Promotion of Sedeco.

With this data, the manufacturing sector of the entity adds up to 30 consecutive months of annual growth since February 2010, and places our State among the five federal entities with uninterrupted and stable positive performance back to the critical stage of the economic crisis. Also in this year, jobs in the sector grew by 3.9% according to INEGI figures.

It is important to note that through July of this year, manufacturing production increased by 10.5%, occupying first place on the northern border and the fifth in the country. While the rest of the northern border States had the following rates: Tamaulipas grew 1.7%, Sonora 4.1%, Chihuahua 4.1%, Nuevo León 6.8%, and Coahuila 8.2%.

Similarly, up to July 2012, the average annual growth of the 32 federal entities was 3.5%. For its part, the entities that registered the greatest decreases were Campeche (- 6.8%), Quintana Roo (- 5.6%), Michoacán (- 5.5%) and Baja California Sur (- 5.4%).

"The manufacturing industry continues to have lend great weight in economic activity of the State and the positive performance we see reflects the good state of health that helps maintain the economy with competitive conditions, which includes a highly qualified labor force effectively linking school-business partnerships, environment, international trade and a pro-business Government offering various incentives to national and foreign investors."

The recovery and push of manufacturing in Baja California along with the strengthening of domestic demand, are proof of the strength of the economy and the ability to encourage and strengthen the productive sectors, which makes possible a positive outlook for the economic recovery and the attraction of capital and human talent to the State", ended Carrillo Regino.

Firefighters Still Await Relocation (El Sol de Tijuana, 11/14/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - Firefighters of Station Number 1 were relocated when the municipal government pulled them from its facilities in the calle Ocho building’s demolition and sale of the land, but are still waiting for their relocation.

Elements of the City that did not want to speak publicly said that the municipal government's proposal was only for temporary six month relocation, but already a year has passed. The station is now at calle Quinta, between 5 de Mayo y Miguel F. Martínez.

"Sometimes it is difficult for us to come into and leave the station. Although we have there a semaphore, motorists do not respect the signal", said one of the interviewees.

Dealers located near the station commented there have been a couple of collisions between lorries and parked vehicles when firefighters maneuver out for emergencies in congested traffic, and this was acknowledged by the firefighters.

Recently press reports said the firefighters’ appropriated a request in October for a budget extension of 100,000 pesos ($7,533 US) to cover payment of the rent only through the close of the year, since a need to pay rent for facilities was not expected in its original budget authorized past the end of 2011.


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