Rosarito Police Lowest Paid in BC (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/30/12 by Yolanda Caballero Jacobo)

Playas de Rosarito, BC - Rosarito police receive less salary, compared with the rest of the municipalities in the State. With 170 security agents, this city has the worst paid police because they receive a salary of only 10,000 pesos ($770 US) a month, while Tijuana officers average 15,000 pesos ($1155 US) a month. Amid the crisis that affects the municipality, they still seek to increase their salary

Low wages for the agents has its risks. One of them is committing acts of extortion, the President of the Business Coordinating Council, Rosa María Plasencia considered. It is necessary to have the approval of increased salary payments, but also that they be trained and offer better services to the community and especially tourists, an important link to the economy for reactivation of the municipality.

Despite the difficult economic situation which exists for the local government and the problems covering payroll payments for the rest of the employees of the City Council, Director of the Municipal Police Francisco Castro Trenti explained there is a projected a wage increase for the Department next year. "In Rosarito we have policemen with the least amount of salary in the State, but we want to make an effort to increase it for them, but in a gradual manner and we are looking for a way", said the police commander.

The municipal government that presides over by the PRI, Javier Robles Aguirre, considered an increase of 50%, according to a request of local police, however, the police commander explained: "You don't want to make these promises on the fly because it is probably generating false expectations, but its better to start with a base of a 20 or 25% salary increase which could be reflected in the first quarter of the year".

But this is not the only problem within the municipal police. To date, there is a 30% shortage of agents. "With regards to the current Administration, we see the force as limited and therefore are looking for a way it can be increased", recognized the director. "We are looking to increase this in the first quarter of next year. A shortage of 20% of elements this means about thirty elements," stressed Castro Trenti.

In an interview, he said the local authorities are aware "An increase in police officers will not alone be sufficient, but if so, it will help reduce the incidences of crime in recent months in Rosarito".

Improved Cruise Ship Arrivals into Ensenada (El Sol de Tijuana, 12/30/12)

Ensenada, BC - As a result of actions undertaken in a plan by the Committee of Cruises, as well as impetus provided by State Governor, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, 2012 registered a greater number of cruise arrivals into the port of Ensenada, compounded by an Carnival announcement about the arrival of a new vessel beginning 2014, said the Secretary of Tourism of the State, Juan Tintos Funcke.

The State official said Ensenada is positioned as the second port in national importance in terms of cruise ships and passengers arrivals after Cozumel, as well as the only port on the Mexican Pacific with recorded increases of these indicators, going from 163 arrivals in 2011 to 174 this year and 380,526 passengers in 2011 versus 418, 260 in 2012.

It was emphasized the above is the result of work done by the Committee made up of the Integral Port Administration (API), Ensenada Cruise Port Village, 20th Town Hall, Proturismo, Association of Traders in the Tourism Category (Acorte), Public Trust of Promoción Turística de Ensenada, National Institute of Migration (INM) and other authorities.

He mentioned that in regards to promotion, placed into operation this year was a new design of the web page, a video shown aboard cruise ships and an Ensenada promotional insert was published in the specialized magazine "Fun Ashore" with a circulation of 293,000 copies. Also printed and distributed were 20,000 maps "Ensenada Walk" and material about the installation of promotional murals in Ensenada at the cruise terminal in Long Beach, California. They worked with the above mentioned agencies for promotion of the upcoming implementation of the "Back2Ensenada" program, which will encourage cruise tourists to come on land, make visits to Ensenada, stay in the hotels and enjoy its varied attractions.

Other actions to improve visitor care, in coordination with Proturismo and other agencies, 21 training courses were given to personnel working in the tourism sector and also this year a workshop was conducted to identify tours about new offers and products as part of a public relations strategy aimed at coordinating with shipping lines for such as events showing crews attractions and foods that distinguish this region.

Finally, in regards to infrastructure, the Committee requested the intervention of the Governor of the State for modernization of the road section to La Bufadora, one of the sites most visited by cruise ship passengers, which invested the first 20 million pesos ($1.5 million US) and added completion of the Tratadora sewage plant on the same site. Other work giving added value to Ensenada as a cruise destination was the "Museum of Vine and Wine" in Valle de Guadalupe that started operations in August.


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