3,040 BC Children Live in Shelters (El Vigia, 12/12/12 by Nicte Madrigal)

Ensenada, BC - A total of 3,040 children reside in hostels or homes in Baja California. 800 of those are in Ensenada. Among the causes they were admitted are: omission of care, mistreatment, sexual abuse or rape. Adrián Gabriel Acuña Buelna, Counsel for the Defense of the Minor and the Family, reported that each year on average 100 adoptions are completed, but not all children are available to adopt, since many are in the process of being reintegrated into their families.

Acuña Buelna indicated that 50% of the minors were channeled by a system with the Integral Development and the Family (DIF). The rest are volunteers, i.e. children who by agreement with the homes, are dropped off by their parents. In some cases, minors remain in homes while their parents are working and then meet them on weekends.

About the children who are reintegrated into the family, Acuña Buelna indicated the institution follows-up on those cases to monitor the welfare of the minors. He stressed that only between 5 and 10% are returned to shelters, which means that parents respond positively to the care and safety of children.

Money Laundering Law Requires Society (El Vigia, 12/12/12)

Tijuana, BC - The law against money-laundering, which comes into effect next year, requires the participation of society, although it is understandable that it will cause inconvenience, considers the University Professor Sergio Cuén. This was noted during a Forum monitoring this new law, organized by the Civic Coalition of Public Security and attended by the business sector.

The academic signs emerged once the Presidents of the Employer's Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex) and the Cámara Nacional de Comercio (Canaco), expressed that this law will bring complications to the operation of companies. The new law which comes into force in July of next year, obliges reports of Treasury transactions on purchases of houses, artworks and other items which generates fines in cases of failure to do so, mentioned the business representatives.

Sergio Cuén said the law passed this year is an instrument of anti-crime policies to attack the finances of drug cartels operating transnationally and forms part of a strategy pursued in the last six years led by Felipe Calderón.

"There are many people who say it will never achieve its goals, never detect all the money because there is no instrument of verification involved in this effort", said the professor who prefers to not handle any possible earnings in this illegal market. At the close of the Forum, entrepreneurs assured that they are not against the new law and Sergio Cuén added an important part for its success is a cultural change among the population. http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/ley-contra-lavado-requiere-de-sociedad-sergio-cu-n


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