ENSENADA BC (El Vigia, 5/28/11) - The dispute over the Ensenada-Rosarito territorial boundary does not affect the distribution of water for both municipalities, said Efraín Muñoz Martín, head of the State Water Commission (CEA). The well’s mission is to give water to the South of Rosarito and North of Ensenada. It does not enter into the discussion, and although it failed to give the background, the wells are federal property. Muñoz Martin stressed that the supply of water will be the same, because the water users have a title granting the allocation by the National Water Commission (CNA). "It has nothing to do with the discussion, the water is federal. The Federation distributes the water and assigns you as a municipality. It has nothing to do whether you are here (Ensenada) or beyond (Rosarito)", he said. He stressed water is distributed by federal mandate for Mexicali, Tecate, Tijuana and Rosarito from the Colorado River, which originates in Arizona and empties into the territory of Sonora. "It is a federal resource and continues to be delivered as far as Ensenada via the aqueduct coming from Sonora", he reiterated. Martín Muñoz said the supply of water for the summer is guaranteed in the five municipalities of Baja California. He explained that at the State level each year around 3 thousand million cubic meters are used, of which only 240 million, less than 10% are used in the drinking water supply to all communities in the State. The director of the CEA added that the only problem is when you have to carry water from one place to another, because there are popular areas that don’t have pipes constructed and it hinders delivery. "Just expand the aqueduct to 5,333 liters per second. Before we had 4000 and there was no problem with supply. We have subdivisions being created, but there is no water supply ready to carry it to them", he said.

ENSENADA BC (El Vigia, César Córdova, 5/27/11) - Robbery is the crime suffered most frequently by "workers of the wheel". In the last 11 days, there were 15 robberies and two drivers were injured, the Taxi Driver Watch program was implemented for this reason. Jaime Fuentes Hernández, a representative of the taxi drivers, said that the thefts occurred between 4 and 10 p.m. in different colonies of the city and in some cases passengers were responsible. The two drivers received first aid and were transferred to a hospital for medical evaluation. Victims were assured their complaints were lodged with the Attorney General. As a result, authorities arrested a person related to the crimes. Against this background, the Police Training Institute started the taxi driver Vigilante program, which consists of "workers of the wheel" fighting acts of vandalism they observe on the streets. Fuentes Hernández considered this a good strategy, because it will provide security to drivers and passengers. In the official inauguration speech, Pilar Saenz Kennedy, President of the National Council of Public Security, urged taxi drivers to call number 066 and 89 to anonymously report criminal acts they observe. "With their eyes in their day-to-day work they can report what is happening in the city to the emergency numbers", he added. At the initiation of the program Rommel Moreno Manjárrez, Procurator of Justice; Lydia Gallegos Aguilar, solicitor of Ensenada area as well as police officers and representatives of taxi drivers were present.


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