PLAYA ROSARITA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Yolanda Caballero Jacobo, 5/28/11) - Nearly 4,000 children in the city are addicted to methamphetamines. Rosarito lacks Municipal direction against addiction and an effective program to shield children from drugs. That is why the Rotary Club of Rosarito has for more than a year, joined the community to ensure this figure is reduced. That is also why, with the support of Rotary International and local entrepreneurs, they implemented a project called, "Liga Municipal de futbol Rosarito". Barnabas Hernandez Armas, President of Rotary International in the city, said that it is alarming to see young people and children addicted. "It is serious to see addiction in children and young people; we see this problem with great concern, there are programs like DARE and other Government programs, but they are not comprehensive programs". It was thought that through sports, addictions could be prevented. Hernández Armas said, little by little they received support to buy uniforms for children and purchase soccer balls, among other resources needed to boost the sports project. To date, they have managed to bring together 25 teams each with 18 players in all the colonies where insecurity persists. Children in each football match proudly wear their sport shirts that read: "I will say no to drugs and promote values". In this sense, we also conducted conferences where psychologists reported changes that can be implemented for families to have "happy parents, successful children". Only in this way can we attack the root problem of addiction in children. For this reason, he said, we want this program to last, at least 10 years. Children who participate today can then teach soccer classes. In addition to providing healthy young people and athletes to the community, they are especially free of addictions.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law, 5/29/11) - The business sector will closely monitor the exploitation of municipal government permits. There is a new reality that has been created a black market for permits, said Mario Escobedo, the new President of the Board of Alcohol. In an interview, the President of the Business Coordinating Council of Tijuana (CCE), also announced that in coming days it will begin elaboration of public policies to suppress the excessive consumption of alcohol. However, there needs to be a dynamic vigilance against corruption that has created a market for alcoholic beverage sales permits. "It may not be possible, but one of the problems that we have found is that there are people that exploit permission from someone else and justify that a guy just sold it", he criticized. Escobedo also said that soon they would look for areas of the city that are over saturated with drinking establishments. In such areas, the illegal sale of permits is recurring. "In conjunction with the Secretary of Agreements the elaboration of new alcohol regulations will clearly outline a schedule and we will be vigilant to ensure the new guidelines are strictly respected", he said. The President of the CCE in the town said that another priority is the development of the awareness campaigns that will be directed to the permit holders, waiters and public. In recent days, the Cabildo approved the installation of the Consultative Council of Alcohol with a commitment to support actions parallel with the 20 City of Tijuana. We will study, analyze, discuss and evaluate problems resulting from the sale, storage and consumption of alcoholic beverages in the State of Baja California and articles 52 and 57 of the rules of procedure. Meanwhile Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, President of the Coparmex, lamented that it will not be convened for 120 days at the start of the Administration Council, but he applauded the City Council of Alcohol to the academic and business sectors. "It’s really necessary to comply with these requirements. We must be vigilant in our actions to carry this out. I am waiting for the first Board to outline their objectives", concluded.


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