TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, 5/9/11) - The body of a young man was found hanging on a vehicular bridge on the Tijuana-Rosarito free road this morning by elements of the General Office of Justice of the State (PGJE). According to first reports of the State ministerial police, the young man was 20 - 25 years old. The victim was tied hand and foot and on his chest wore a cardboard sign with a message, which tends to be left by members of organized crime. The body, not yet identified, was located puente Pemex de la colonia La Gloria de esta ciudad. The Ministerial elements reported the body was tied with a green nylon rope. A white cotton rope approximately four meters long was tied from the handrail of the bridge to the neck of the deceased. Around the head were one yellow handkerchief and another grey and orange handkerchief. The victim was 1.65 meters tall, swarthy, regular complexion, with a clipped moustache and an Odin type beard. He wore blue denim trousers, a brown belt, white sweatshirt, black shoes, an Orange t-shirt, and white socks. Movement on the road was stopped as the agents of the Attorney-General transferred the body to the forensic medical service for the autopsy.

Chihuahua CH (El Heraldo de Chihuahua) - The Governor of Chihuahua, César Duarte Jáquez, described the fights between inmates in the ceresos in the State as "isolated" and do not demonstrate real internal stability. In comparison with other centers of social rehabilitation in the country, they are much quieter. After being questioned about the murder of four defendants in the Cereso of Aquiles Serdán, he stressed that security is now all right; however, this does not eliminate, as a whole, the friction between the inmates. He noted that recurring internal confrontations are because the same bands of criminals cause the fighting. Alternatives considered to improve security in the institution rejected one proposal to include 1,200 students at secondary and higher levels to be accreditable police education, as a method of recruitment, he said. It would be an alternative to work. He said that the proposal was part of a tool to offer young students an alternative to entering employment but ensure integrity and more reliable police by using dedicated students.

ROSARITO BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Yolanda Knight James / Manuel Lomelí, 5/9/11) -While Rosarito offers a diversity of space for the film industry, since the Presidential Decree announced by Felipe Calderón last year and completion of the film "Titanic" there has been no interest in making a film to generate major economic growth in the region. During his visit to Rosarito, the American producer Steve Lee Jones mentioned it is necessary for the Mexican Government to carry out a real campaign of promotion to make known the reality that exists in this region in the field of security. In this way, there will be more confidence for filmmakers and encouragement to make films. The producer also noted it is necessary that the authorities to provide incentives to make it more attractive to make films in Baja California. He mentioned the example of the State of Michigan in United States, where they give up to 42% as a refund of the total cost of production in that State. On March 9, 2010, Felipe Calderón announced a decree accompanied by strong investment if the film industry would make Mexico the Latin American capital of cinema. The decree implied investment of 260 million pesos ($22,286,207) to generate more than 2,000 jobs and offer housing, producing tax returns ranging from 7 - 17%. Compared with what Michigan offers is insignificant. The Executive producer of the film "You don't know Jack" with Al Pacino, called on the Mexican Government to do what is necessary and ensure border cities are safer. There are many cities in United States which are much more dangerous than the tourist destinations of BC, but let me be clear, lower California is safe", expressed the Hollywood producer. In this sense, he said, "in recent years BC has become discouraged as a place of dubious reputation and this saddens my heart. The reality is that the media hype about what is happening in some cities of Mexico has overshadowed the world opinion of this area as a tourist destination. Here in Rosarito and Tijuana security efforts are obvious and we feel safe and welcome. Definitely there are also steps in the United States that can be taken to facilitate total security and control in all areas." He concluded mentioning the need for greater involvement by the common Mexican citizen to demand their government as was done in Egypt, "they led an unarmed decision to bring down an oppressive government. The time has come to say enough is enough".


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