TIJUANA BC (Frontera, 6/7/11) – Yesterday, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) extended the term to define the legal status of Jorge Hank Rhon and other 10 detainees from 48 to 96 hours, because it assumes that they are likely responsible for the offense of organized crime. Announced in a statement, the unit indicated that the Commission of this offense with the amount of weapons-related items (88); as such, the Federal Act against organized crime establishes such when this offense is repeatedly committed by three or more persons. "The extending of the term from 48 hours will prevent the suspects from evading the actions of Justice, while it investigates their participation. This could be related to the number of persons arrested in flagrant violation of the law with the type of weapons that they had," explained the PGR. He added that the accused were in blatant illegal possession of firearms, of which they could not prove legal possession. Thus began a preliminary investigation on violations of the Federal firearms and explosives arms laws. In the event that the PGR charges them with organized crime, Hank Rhon and his bodyguards will have to fight two serious legal charges, as the collection of weapons is serious because half of them were calibers used exclusively by the armed forces. Regarding arms trafficking, organized crime is punishable with up to 16-years in prison plus fines for leaders or supervisors of criminal groups; subordinates are punished with up to 8-years of imprisonment plus fines. The extension to 96 hours is the deadline for determining the legal status of the entrepreneur and his bodyguards. It implies that by Thursday at 1:30 pm, their defendants must be charged and arraigned before a judge or released due to lack of evidence. Hank Rhon was detained early Saturday by an army command, but first placed at the disposal of the Federal Public Ministry until Sunday at 1:30 pm.

MEXICALI BC (El Voz de la Frontera, Juan Galvan, 6/6/11) - Wrapped in a blanket and a large garbage bag was a human body in a state of decomposition. It was found in the bottom of a dry drain in agricultural land behind a complex of houses known as Los Portales. Unofficially it was said that it might be a young male with large feet. What little that was learned is that the body had a red scarf, known as bandana tied around the neck Municipal agents responded to an anonymous call indicating the presence of a corpse in a dry bed of the agricultural drainage canal. There they found what seemed to be the white skull bone of what he believed was a person in a plastic bag. The market shopping bag had two tears apparently caused by animals that were devouring the corpse. The face and scalp of the head were gone. You could see the bones of what could have been ribs and parts of the organs. Police cordoned off the site and waited for the arrival of crime scene investigators. There was not much evidence found at the site at the time. They decided to move the bag with the remains to the morgue for a more controlled way to see if fingerprints might be recovered.

TECATE BC (El Voz de la Frontera, Manuel Cordero, 6/6/11) - A small field of marijuana was destroyed when spotted by a reconnaissance helicopter of the preventive State police (PEP). They also arrested a woman with more than half a kilo of a similar plant after it was reported anonymously to #0-8-9. The Secretariat of State public security reported 138 cannabis sativa plants were located in an area at the top of the "chuchuma" hill located near the town of Tecate. They reported the aviation unit was completing over-flight surveillance in the area and landed the aircraft to check the land on-foot. 100 plants were 20 centimeters in height, 25 were 1 foot high and the 13 remaining were smaller. They were taken and made available to the agent of the Public Ministry of the Federal jurisdiction with an investigation ordered into the matter. However, they were unable to arrest who planted the crop obviously with the intention of harvesting it and marketing retail in the municipality area. Later, reported anonymously to # 0-8-9, a Luz Joana Sánchez Rangel, 28, was said to have 570 grams of cannabis Indica. The call indicated she was at calle Río Fuerte, in colonia Aguaje de la Tuna, in delegación San Antonio de los Buenos. They went there to search for the woman. At one point, they saw Luz Joana whose physical description and clothes matched those provided by the complainant. When she became aware of police presence, she quickly went into hiding between some parked vehicles. Her attitude was immediately addressed and they proceeded to inspect a black plastic bag used for the garbage that she was carrying in her hands. Within it, they found small "Ziplocks" containing 490 grams of marijuana. Two bags had 50 and 30 grams of a similar narcotic drug, as well as five "cans" and 440 pesos ($38) in cash, which she admitted was obtained as proceeds from the sales. She was arrested and referred to the delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic. The police appeal to the Tijuanense community to denounce all kinds of illicit acts. Note the safely, anonymity and full security at all times reserves the identity of the callers.


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