TIJUANA BC (El Linea Tiuana, 6/3/11) Agents of the State preventive police (PEP) seized two men in possession of a firearm, "ice" and cannabis. They responded to an address following a complaint to #066, received a report through the center of Control, command, communication, and computer (C4), stating subjects were in a restaurant at bulevar Cucapah and avenida Begonia. Once in the area, PEP requested access to the restaurant; the officers located two subjects with the characteristics and clothes worn by the suspects. Using security measures and strategic tactics to safeguard the diners, and without having the subjects to suspect the soldiers were heading toward them, agents entered the place where they arrested the pair of suspects. The individuals were identified as Geovany González Díaz, 18 and Ángel Gaspar Moreno Varela, 25. González Díaz had a 9 mm caliber gun, supplied with three cartridges of the same caliber. While Moreno Varela was in possession of a wrapper containing synthetic drugs referred to as "ice", as well as a zip lock bag containing green and dry, apparently marijuana. Both subjects were arrested and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of Federal jurisdiction, who will determine their legal status.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Krystel Gómez Seville, 6/5/11) - Fleeing at full speed with a recently stolen car and turning onto the exit of Playas Tijuana an assailant was killed and a companion was injured. The Secretariat of Municipal public safety (SSPM), information unit, announced that around the 11 p.m. Friday, a police unit assigned to patrol the Coronado Mall Plaza, in Playas Tijuana are witnessed a speeding vehicle, a gray Honda Civic. Near the Red Cross, the driver lost control a few meters from a group of people waiting for public transport, ended up turning it and the occupants were ejected. The vehicle was driven by Victor Daniel García, 30, who was transferred to the General Hospital. The passenger, who was not identified, was killed instantly. Details from the SSPM: The 1998 model Honda Civic, with California plates. It was only few minutes of having been stolen out of a commercial area very close to the bullfighting of beaches of Tijuana. At the accident the owner of the unit, Jose Luna, 21, arrived and told the uniformed officers how the car was stolen. The Municipal police indicated staff of the forensic medical service took charge of removing the body of one of the assailants. The young man taken to hospital was in police custody for the crime charged.

ENSENADA BC (El Vigia, 6/5/11) - In response to a harassment complaint by a group of parents against the janitor at the Juan Escutia school in Colonia Granjas, the director Gerardo Guzmán Roman Gallo said the case was from December 2010 and that there was a follow-up to education authorities. Guzman said that since that time, janitor Miguel Díaz Soto was prohibited from entering the bathrooms, not because he was guilty, but to avoid problems and misunderstandings. The limitations of his activity, said the director, was for the janitor to clean toilets from 6pm to 8pm and 8am to 12:30pm to refrain from entering bathrooms, except in cases of urgency and under my supervision or the master of the guard. Documents in the possession of El Vigía indicate that the head of the audit unit of the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare (SEBS) - ISEP, Dana Araiza Gamboa, and the necessary research where it was found Miguel Diaz did not enter the bathrooms to observe the students. For this reason, according to the head of unit, the cleaning employee can continue his functions within the provisions agreement handed down by the director. Regarding the lack of maintenance of classrooms, floors, ceilings and electrical installations at the school, he said that everything would be arranged according to the dates agreed with the State education system (SEE). "This is a process." "The 2011 program of maintenance has identified dates to rehabilitate, change windows or doors, paint, etc. Not everything is solved at the same time," explained Guzmán Román. The mother of an affected child said in interview that his daughter, a child 6 years, told him that when she went to the bathroom the janitor entered the door and saw her. Between sobbing, the mother talked to her daughter who told her that the subject locked her in the bathroom while he laughed at her. "That is why I put a complaint against him". "My daughter is in first grade and since then does not want to go to the bathroom alone. She returns home to Pee and so far the director hasn't done anything." "Here at the meeting, many mothers were silent, but my daughter is not the only one who was affected, But for fear do not speak", said the mother. The School Board director brought a psychologist from the Attorney General of Justice of the State for victims so children could be evaluated. Other mothers considered that this is a "trick" to force the director to improve the conditions of the first-grade classroom. Since starting the school year, they have made a number of improvements. "We have spoken with many of the children and everyone agrees, the janitor is respectful, polite and hardworking, that at no time has harassed them. He does his job and cleans the school. Perhaps it isn't shiny but the school is very large and may not be enough for him alone. We, in fact, have come to help from time to time because we are interested in our children’s school. Those who complain about him are mothers who almost never go to the board meetings and never propose anything for the campus", he said. They finally agreed to an investigation into the matter.

ENSENADA BC (El Vigia, César Córdova and Gerardo Sánchez, 6/4/11) - In the city of Ensenada, only two of their fire trucks are guaranteed in the event of a fire. We need more units, machinery and personnel. It is the most serious crisis in the history of the fire department, stated the Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres and trade union representatives of firefighters. A crisis that threatens the life of Ensenadenses and the Pelayo Torres announced that it would seek a loan from private banks to deal with this situation. César Ortiz Mendoza, Union representative of firefighters, indicated that they already reported this serious problem to the notary Secretary, Miguel law Alvarez, and since yesterday we made a tour through the different stations to make a list of requirements. The representative of the unionized firefighters denounced the units have between 20 to 30 years of life remaining and only two are currently in conditions to guarantee operation in the event of an emergency. Other units, he said, chances of problems are very high, as was the case with unit 54 in the fire last Wednesday at Calles Nueve and Mar de Oriente. Two firefighting machines that do work are assigned to the stations at Valle Dorado and Obregón. "We are aware of this lack of equipment and we are concerned, we need to buy more unit, we have many shortcomings. We’ve asked for help from the Governor and I am in the process of applying for a loan which would among other things, buy fire trucks," said the Mayor. He said we ignored the amount that is required and noted they will just make the respective budgets adjustments. "I know the list of needs, but not costs to address the problem," he argued. Last Thursday unionized firefighters presented a list of demands to municipal authorities, as the most urgent needs: an increase in the number of firefighting units in good condition, a minimum two truck tanks, more machinery and equipment and more personnel, and it required a minimum of 36 additional firefighters to meet the needs of the urban area. Although the Mayor spoke of an emergency loan from private banks, it would first have to be approved by the Cabildo, then by the Congress of the State. Both approvals would be subject to an administrative process and factors of a political nature. Only two-fire trucks work, six are adequate for fires in Ensenada, the rest are unsafe for the work of fighting fires reported the director of fire, and delegates of the Union of bureaucrats. Óscar Humberto Cota Molina, director of fire, he said currently our newest model is a 1992. It works at 60% capacity because of some mechanical flaws, and is in the Estación Álvaro Obregón. Another truck, he said, is at Estación Valle Dorado, is also an older model, has problems with its electrical system, but outperforms others. He said that at this time, an agreement with the Chapultepec station is in the works for service in the engine, but the lower part of the body is rusted and needs to be replaced. The truck of the Maneadero station operates at 50% capacity, and with all the different failures that it presents, it places firefighters and drivers at risk when responding to reports of fire. Reforma and Norte stations do not have trucks, because they are in the workshop, but the unit mechanic is a specialized diesel mechanic and makes great efforts to repair them. Cota Molina pointed out at the central station there is a large truck, which was acquired by a past administration, but not they use it because the electrical system breaks down. In addition, it does not fit into the hangar. "The day the truck was moved to the city it had a worn engine from poblado de Primo Tapia, required a number of 90,000 pesos ($7,712) in repairs, but the next day after it left the workshop, its transmission died," he said. Some of the trucks are used only when there is a large emergency, but movement to the fire site is slow and precautions for safety of firefighters and drivers are extreme, he said.


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