An editorial position recently taken by the San Diego Union-Tribune is a jump for joy, now that the Forest Supervisor of the Cleveland National Forest has given an apparent green light for SDG&E's Sunrise Powerlink project to cross federally-protected land with its large electricity transmission towers and overhead power lines.

Critical Reader readers may have a question forming in their minds: If the editorial at San Diego Union-Tribune is correct about SDG&E's Sunrise Powerlink project meeting San Diego's future projected energy needs, then what's up with this new proposed PeakShift at Work/PeakShift at Home (PSW/PSH) rate scheme, admittedly designed by SDG&E to herd small business and residential power consumers out of using electricity during the day in the business week?

SDG&E is hot to herd us away from competing for power with large businesses, where we will be expected to use our appliances not during the week in the day, but either at night or on the weekends. Just so the meaning is clear, SDG&E attorneys have already stated to the California Public Utilities Commission that SDG&E intends to “incent” us away from peak-hours usage by raising rates until we feel the pain on looking at our monthly SDG&E bills.

It sure does not sound like SDG&E expects the availability of power from the Sunrise Powerlink project, alternatively sourced or not, to meet San Diego's current needs, much less any future projected increase in demand.

Instead it sounds like SDG&E is telling us to pay $118 million that SDG&E wants added to our monthly utility bills, covering many tens of millions in television and other advertising from now until 2015 so that SDG&E can tell us that smart meters make sense for paying higher daytime rates based on when we use electricity, not by how much power we actually use.

Perhaps the only viable plan for our distinguished daily's new owners to return the paper to profitability is to buy more shares of SDG&E's holding company, Sempra Energy.

Sempra Energy and SDG&E, always taking from residential and small business customers while preparing to pay out sweet quarterly dividends to shareholders, every day.

See the statements made by Sempra Energy attorneys for SDG&E to CPUC in the A1007009 PSW/PSH application at

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Founder July 27, 2010 @ 12:08 p.m.

-- Bill Shock 2U --

Try and wake Up San Diego do something before the big Blow.

When you see the size of your big SMART new electric bill, it won't be your air conditioner that gives you a chill!

Residents who get big bills, will not think it's very funny, when it's ONLY Big Business that gets to save all their Money.

Sure it's OK if you are wealthy or have lots of money to spare, but if you are a poor rate payer, all you can do, is pull your hair.

Talk to all your friends and your neighbors now, going into debt will give you a cow,

Ask all your City Leaders what can be done, being part of a Class Action is no Fun.


a2zresource July 27, 2010 @ 1:05 p.m.

Since SD Hispanic Chamber of Commerce blog post disappeared just now, awaiting email response from Chamber as to position RE PSW/PSH and WEBA on small businesses and residents...


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