In the business section of this morning's diminishing daily paper, Onell Soto has a Q&A of what is going on with us using a lot less electricity then getting a lot higher rates for the savings.

The second question: "OK, so why is our usage so low?"

My answer: Who says it's low? It sure wasn't SDG&E saying that under oath to CPUC!

The entire rationale for SDG&E's PeakShift at Work/PeakShift at Home rate hike scheme is that there are way too many customers using way too much electricity when bigger, fatter industrial-sized customers need all that power during the business day. In fact, PSW/PSH is meant to reduce the need for SDG&E to build more fossil-fueled peaker power plants, something used as a selling point for the Sunrise Powerlink project but a benefit we apparently aren't actually getting from the Sunrise Powerlink project enough to avoid PSW/PSH rate hikes on small businesses and residential SDG&E customers.

If anything, our rates are so high that SDG&E gets ordered by CPUC to refund over $100 million to customers from overcharging us... while SDG&E is looking for $118 million from us to tell us how much we are going to like higher rates under PSW/PSH.

Soto's Q&A points out something that I've been expecting for a while: there is a consumer market trend SDG&E cannot avoid that dictates grid usage by customers will go down when SDG&E rates go up to maintain that 35-40% dividend on retained earnings that Sempra Energy speculators are sucking on every quarter. CPUC had it right when it found that Sempra Energy, as a utility holding company over SDG&E, gets the benefit of SDG&E profits from gross utility bill receipts, but hesitates to infuse SDG&E with the needed working and other capital for SDG&E to provide safe service. Simply put every day, Sempra Energy takes money away from SDG&E that could have been used to put power lines underground now - and stop preventable utility liability for wildfires now - instead of waiting to do it fifty years after the end of the Mayan calendar.


Founder Aug. 20, 2010 @ 8:54 a.m.

The question now is what if anything will the CPUC do about correcting that "short circuiting" of all our Utility money?

If they will now do nothing to correct the problems (fines, forced reduced rates, etc.) then they themselves become part of the problem and the next question is who controls the CPUC and can "they" be brought to "heel".

Our Country is now running amuck with examples of large public entities that are far too cozy with their oversight groups and collectively they are responsible for the "financial rape" of those they are embodied to protect...


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