Are you concerned about rising utility bills this year because you might be using too much power from SDG&E?

SDG&E thinks you use too much power. Attorneys for SDG&E have already testified to California's Public Utilities Commission that if you are a small business or residential customer, then yes, you already are a power hog under SDG&E's A1007009 PeakShift at Work/ PeakShift at Home (PSW/PSH) dynamic rate hike scheme.

SDG&E wants all of us who aren't any of SDG&E's industrial-sized commercial accounts to use less SDG&E energy, leaving more for those bigger clients to use during daytime business hours.

Once SDG&E's PW/PSH application is approved by CPUC, then the best way to save on your energy bill is to not use electricity during the day. Period. Don't turn anything on until evening and weekend hours, and it's possible that you could even lower your bill despite using just as much electricity that you used before.

Small businesses that need to stay open during the day are a special problem. Your best bet is to charge batteries at night and used stored electricity during your own business hours. It's better than paying up to ten times higher than off-peak rates just to be plugged into SDG&E from 9 to 5.

If everybody in San Diego told everybody else to read this and be prepared for a quiz later, then maybe SDG&E won't have to charge us $118 million for a five-year advertising campaign to tell us the same thing. Personally, I would rather that all of us didn't have to pay that tab.


LosAltos50 Dec. 16, 2010 @ 6:06 p.m.

what an outrage! we are to pay more for the same electricity we already use during the day, of course. And pay what we pay now for using electricity at night. To be charged current daytime rates for operating the washer and dryer at 12 am, when we can fall down the stairs hauling laundry into the garage.

Will SDGE give us a discount medical plan to cover accidents while doing laundry while half asleep?


a2zresource Dec. 17, 2010 @ 12:13 a.m.

Officially under both SDG&E's A0908020 application and its supporting testimony, we just simply use electricity at any time that's not weekday business hours, and we're OK... even if we're doing that laundry well after Happy Hour.

Unofficially and internal to SDG&E and Sempra Energy, there is no empirical data available to back that up (which is why numerous parties have filed protests, including CPUC attorneys), and the profit-centered expectation of Sempra stock speculators is that we individually pay much more for using less electricity than we do now, keeping that quarterly 35-40 percent dividend payout on Sempra's retained earning to hedge funds, whales, and other investing insiders. Just the fact that virtually none of us will be unplugging our refrigerators during the day seems to support the speculative viewpoint.

This surely won't be my last blog post on this topic!


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