Earth, Fire, and Water




“Race” is a dying concept. Among disciplined thinkers such as scientists, it is dead. Since it was first “invented” (it ...

Love, Death, Poverty, and Beauty: Urban Trees II

Due to unpopular demand, the following is offered as an extension of the first installment of "Love, Death, Poverty, and ...

Love, Death, Poverty, and Beauty: Urban Trees

Please see: Neighborhood News San Diego San Diego City Council finds funds to trim palm trees: Over $250,000 appropriated ...

Valid Tears

President Obama did not let go completely, but his choking up and his tears today were real. These kind of ...

Race is a Bogus Concept

I posted this essay at this morning, but I am duplicating it here because the subject is not perfectly ...


The irony forged of nothing so everything beyond within being transformational without transition language sound silence compliment with only being

Pedestrian Matters

The ambulance beat me there, but not by much. I threw the keys to my car to a friend and ...

Blogged Up?

Rather than plumbing the depths of the potential of the Internet and its denizens, editors have commonly looked upon the ...

Blogs: Who Reads 'Em?

Having spent quite some time on the Reader website, for many years as a reader, then a participant, I am ...

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