As a dog, I'm not that fussy about where we go walking, but please for the love of all that's holy, just let's go somewhere. She takes so bloody long to decide will we go to the EAST side of San Elijo Lagoon or the West Side -- this all has to do with bird watching. And frankly, I don't call that exercise. We walk a few yards, stare a bird and I sit. I tell you know this does no favors to my digestive system. I gotta get things MOVING, otherwise the consequence are unpleasant for all concerned.

This morning, however, we're going to walk down to the Coast Highway. This is an acceptable stroll. 3 miles round trip, we will stop either at E Street or Darshan and get something sticky sweet which we will share and we will not be lugging camerca equipment and binoculars. There will no doubt be birds. But-- and here's the good part -- I will romp off leash beside the train tracks, I will be MUCH admired by passers by.

Too bad her brother isn't here from New Jersey. We had brunch at San Tropez one Sunday and he fed me from his fork. She was APPALLED. "I have to live with these people!" she chided him. "Knock it off!"

Her brother let me lick the plate. The people at St Tropez didn't seem to mind. Maybe they didn't know. Either way, not my problem. I am after all, only a dog!

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SDaniels Nov. 15, 2009 @ 9:10 a.m.

I can't decide whether or not this is spam for St. Tropez. Either way, it is cute, and doggie picked the right place--they are very Frawwnshche at St. Tropez, from the land of dogs invited to table ;)


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