I have been laying really, really, low for a while. I will not bore you with the details, but the recent homophobic outburst by Bob Filner, a man I respect, against a shrill, always overcompensating orphan like Carl DeMaio, has me asking questions. Why doesn't Bob pick a better battle, and who is the Dominant/Top in Carl's relationship?

It's common knowledge in the homosexual vernacular, that one is either a Top or a Bottom. I see Carl as a bottom. I also see Bob, as a potential bottom. I'm bi-sexual, I am comfortable in either role, depending on who I am attracted to. Creepy side note: My dad's first name was Bob, and I do have father issues.

Back to my main question, who is this Top in Carl's life? I have no idea except that he is somehow responsible indirectly for the publishing of a public notice, announcing a spontaneous party at a public location.Public property was damaged. Although, restitution is forthcoming.

That sounds like a Top who knows how to get things done. Meanwhile, Bob has some esplaining to do. Bob, why would you pick this polarizing battle, unless you really are homophobic? You had me fooled buddy. You are nothing but a politician, a deal making, glad handing politician. The same old kind of white guy.

I'll take Carl's Top and his record of public restitution over Bob's creepy politician history. Vote for Carl in November, remember, we also get his Top guy on the job.


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