I've lived in San Diego my whole life. And I thought that throughout my time here I had seen everything that was worth seeing. So, you can imagine my surprise when my friend, the lovely Ms. Anthropy, wanted to see the cave at the La Jolla cove. Going along for the ride, the first thing I noticed when we arrived was the number of seals and sea lions that were present at the cove's shores. I had been to La Jolla before, but had never seen them there. Walking up the beach, both of us went into a small hole-in-the-wall store by the name of Sunny Jim's. It was through Sunny Jim's that the entrance to the cave was. Before we actually entered the cave, Ms. Anthropy, of course, wanted to look around the small store. Jewelry, sea shells, and posters were available for purchase at various prices. To the far right of the stores interior, an older man sat behind a make-shift desk and was in charge of admission to the cave. For a mere four dollars each, we were ready to enter. To get there, we had to climb down a mass of stairs that looked like they reached to eternity. It should have been no surprise to me when I saw people coming up from the stairs completely out of breath. Going down the stairs, the rock walls surrounding them were narrow. Not exactly convenient for someone with claustrophobia, but I didn't mind. Reaching the bottom, I admit it was smaller than I expected. Still, it was very scenic with a clear view of the cove and the homes on the other side of it. The tide must have recently been out that day because half of the walkway was wet and the smell of sea water was fresh in the air. While we admired the view, sounds of several seals who were resting and playing right around the corner, filled the cave. After a few more minutes of savoring the sights, it was back up the narrow hall of stairs. Before we headed for home, Ms. Anthropy wanted to walk on one of the beach shores to get a closer look at the wildlife, namely the seals. While she did that, I amused myself by watching tourists swim ever so closely to them. Something I probably wouldn't do. As we were about to leave, she had a slight smile on her face. Which always indicates that it was a nice trip. And I, as usual, would have to agree with her.


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