Back in 2007, a robbery occured in a Michigan store. The guy got 8 to 22 years (huh?).

Now he's suing the store, because when he robbed the place, an employee shot him as he was fleeing. Now, that's a big no-no for police (although I have no clue as to why). I'm not so sure about a store that was robbed. Especially by a guy that was using a knife, and held it to the victims throats.

I have to think it would be easy enough to say in court "Yeah, it looked like he was running away, but we didn't know what he would do next. He yelled that he was coming back with a gun. Or maybe he'd just grab the closest person near him to take as a hostage. We were so distraught, it seemed the best thing to do was fire at him."

He's suing for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. And knowing our legal system, I'm guessing he'll probably win.

It's going to be tougher for Carrie Prejean, who is suing pageant officials for libel, slander, and religious discrimination. She said they told her to stop mentioning God even before her remarks against same-sex marriage.

The problem Miss Prejean is going to have is this. When they were initially going to suspend her, Donald Trump looked at the situation, and didn't think she did anything wrong (what a wonderful world we live in, that Trump even has any kind of decision making in such matters).

I also think the other problem she's going to have is, the pageant probably has a long list of rules and can tell their contestants to say and act any way they feel is in the best interest of their organization.

It's the same way NFL star Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) was fined $5,000 for wearing an orange chin strap (the team colors, but against the rules). He's claiming discrimination (of course). He's also claiming to be color blind. Although, that wouldn't explain why he was able to get the proper color to match his helmet.

He's suing as well.

But the NFL has always had a strict uniform policy. Players have been fined for wearing their socks to high.

When you own a football league, or a beauty pageant, you can make any rules you want.

What I always wonder is this.

The Vista native claimed that when she lost, for answering the question the way she did, she threatened to sue back then. What company in the future is going to want to hire her for anything?

When you're known to sue at the drop of a hat...well, that would certainly make me think twice.

She did a speaking engagement at the Rock Church in Point Loma. Those might be the only speaking engagements she gets for awhile.

More like this:


ovod Sept. 2, 2009 @ 10:29 a.m.

I read this and thought what if all of these lawsuits took place in Russia it would be ridiculous )).
Good to know that you will find it idiotic, too (if I understood you correctly).


towelheadedcameljockey Sept. 2, 2009 @ 11:01 a.m.

"He's claiming discrimination (of course). He's also claiming to be color blind."

Don't jump towards race, he's suing for discrimination BECAUSE he's color blind. He's claiming they're discriminating against people with disabilities, not because he's black.


SurfPuppy619 Sept. 2, 2009 @ 11:28 a.m.

I also think the other problem she's going to have is, the pageant probably has a long list of rules and can tell their contestants to say and act any way they feel is in the best interest of their organization.

Not true.

An example would be if the pageant didn't want to let anyone except white women compete-they could make such a rule but it would violate federal law. Same thing goes for discrimination based on religion.

The fact is this, CP had her view, and she stated it. People may not like it, they may not agree with it, but this is still America, and freedom of speech goes a long way with a ton of protections built into it in this country.

You don't get top start railroading people because you didn't like something they said.

That idiot Perz Hilton is the one that should be banned from the public.


Josh Board Sept. 2, 2009 @ 3:16 p.m.

Believe me, Surf...Perez Hilton is a way bigger idiot that the contestant answering the question. But, I think once you get the title or are working for the organization and going around doing "speaking engagements" on their behalf, why wouldn't they be allowed to tell the contestants not to talk about religion? I mean, it could be a woman talking about sacrificing chickens and drinking blood, who knows.

And, you bring up a good point about if the pageant was only letting in certain races. But let me ask you this. What if a 300 pound woman wanted to be in the running. I'm guessing the pageant wouldn't let her run, because of her weight. So, using your logic, she could sue for discrimination based on her weight.

You see, this isn't like other jobs. It's a private organization, that can say and do as they please.

Towel...I didn't realize that Chad Johnson was claiming "discrimination against the color blind". But that wouldn't fly either, as he could've just worn the chin strap issued to him by the team. If he went out and got an orange woman (assuming he can't see color), he still had to ask a clerk at some sports shop "Which of these things is orange?" And that's against the rules.


SurfPuppy619 Sept. 2, 2009 @ 3:22 p.m.

Well, yes, I do agree that they can make sure her "appearances" are on point.

I thought that you were saying her answer to PH's question, in the pageant, was out of bounds. She was free to state her honest view without having PH go ape sheet over it and call her the B word the next day on one of his internet youtube rants.


Josh Board Sept. 2, 2009 @ 3:30 p.m.

I totally agree. I think the pageant should've told Perez, at that point, he was way out of bounds and would never be welcome back. How someone answers the question is fine. In fact, I think it's cool that she was honest. Although, had she had half a brain, she would've went more PC. And perhaps not said things like "I believe in opposite marriage," or whatever garbage she said.

Nothing beats that answer the girl gave a year or so ago. If someone can link it, that would be great.

Jimmy Kimmel had her answer written out on a chalk board, and went over it. Basically, every third word was incorrect. It was classic. It was like her brain was firing all these thoughts at once, and she's thinking about all the hours and hours she's practiced answering questions....and it just came out like she was speaking a foreign language.


Robert Johnston Sept. 2, 2009 @ 4:03 p.m.

Back when I was a kid, there were those who lobbied to see the Miss America Pagent (as well as all others) shut down permanently, supposedly because is "glorified the denigration of women."

To be honest, the Miss California Pagent could have chosen better judges than Perez Hilton. However, once you put your chicken scratch on that dotted line, you are expected to follow the rules TO THE LETTER! If you do not like being told to "smile, style profile...and by the way, zip your lips until told otherwise"? Then do not sign up to participate to begin with.

Nowadays, it's not the "denigration of women" that should get all pagents the head-first saloon toss from our's the denigration of our legal system afterwards by those who got "the rush" for breaking their contract rules, yet feel they should keep that cheesy tiara anyway!

Fraulien Prejean knew what she was doing when she inked the deal with Chump-Co...BELAY THAT....Trump Co. I'll be checking out the trial on my radio to see if she wins...or if the court tells her to, in the words of Michael Jackson: "BEAT IT!"



PistolPete Sept. 2, 2009 @ 4:06 p.m.

If Carrie Prejean had just answered the question honestly,she wouldn't have fed up. What's wrong with saying"I don't agree with same-sex marriage"? Absolutely nothing. She spoke her mind. Unfortunetely for all of society,she's a retard. I don't agree with the politics of the question and I don't believe her answer was correct. I DO believe that answering a question like that in a more PC way is bulls as well.


thestoryteller Sept. 2, 2009 @ 11:27 p.m.

Pagent officials said that she missed appearances and that her dismissal had nothing to do with her gay marriage answer. It was reported that the woman who took her place had the same position on gay marriage that Prejean. If that can be proven in court, she won't have a prayer.

I think the guy had a right to shoot the robber in the back because his adreline was up and he couldn't thin straight. I'd love to sit on that jury. The bad guy was lose.


Josh Board Sept. 3, 2009 @ 8:27 a.m.

Nice post, robbiebear.

I do think that because of the way that idiot Perez handled things afterwards, he should never be invited back as a judge.

Pete, I think she DID answer the question honestly. She screwed up because she doesn't have a brain. She started saying things like "I believe in opposite marriage," instead of saying "I believe in marriage between a man and a woman." And, she should've at least had the presence of mind to know that you're going to tick off half the population (ie "judges"), and she could've said that she's all for a gay couple having a union, adopting kids, getting equal benefits from the work place...but to her, marriage means man and a woman, not man and a man, woman and a woman, or man and 10 women, or man and a horse.

Okay, well...maybe leave that last sentence out, but you see the point.


Josh Board Sept. 3, 2009 @ 8:50 a.m.

Hey...someone just told me that Dateline NBC (To Catch a Predator) was sued for $125 million, because one of those pervs that got arrested, killed himself because of it being shown on TV. And, the show settled with the family.

I have no clue why they wouldn't have just let this case go to court, and let the family know they'd counter-sue for court costs and also, it would just make the family name come up again and again.


Josh Board Sept. 3, 2009 @ 11:21 a.m.

Did anyone see the clip of...I believe it was a politician...who went thru a red light and plowed right into a cyclist. It was caught on some dashcam of a bus, I believe.

Well, they just said on the news, that the guy said he wasn't paying attention because he was looking down at his GPS device.

So my question is this. If I can't use my cell phone while I drive, because of others not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time...what do we do about these other devices?

Obviously, GPS is so valuable in your car, that no law will be passed. But still...this is why creating new laws for the few bad apples, is always a bad idea (and why, even though I've never had an alcoholic beverage at the beach, I don't think it should be banned).


SurfPuppy619 Sept. 3, 2009 @ 11:58 a.m.

Did anyone see the clip of...I believe it was a politician...who went thru a red light and plowed right into a cyclist. It was caught on some dashcam of a bus, I believe.

It was all over the news yesterday-pretty violent collision.


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