This morning I'm dropping my dog off at his day care, and a homeless guy attacked me. I was running across the street with my dog, because cars were waiting to turn. And I know when I'm in a car, I always hate when pedastrians seem to be taking their time. So even with a dog in tow, I'm going to run a bit when cars are waiting to go.

As I got to the curb, a dude in an Army jacket and crazy red/blonde beard and missing a tooth, starts cursing at me and charging towards me with his fist in the air. I was looking at him, as my tiny dog was barking at his ankle, ready to bite his shoe to death.

I moved my dog away, and we walked a different direction. The guy started throwing punches in the air and talking about God and the devil.

I didn't see him when I came out.

But I stopped into Starbucks and was reading the Union-Tribune with a coffee, and I saw that the few rapes that have occured on UCSD campus now have a police sketch that goes with it. The drawing looked bizarre. I can't imagine it is even close. They describe the guy as Asian, between 18 and 22 (which is, uh...about 80% of UCSDs student population).

When a sketch is released, and the person is captured soon after, you always wonder why the drawing looked so bad. I think the Unabomber was probably the only sketch that got it right, and that was because they had the hood and sunglasses.

After playing basketball in the afternoon, I went to McDonald's for lunch (ruining all the health benefits of the exercise). As I pulled out of the parking lot at the Sorrento Valley location, I see a bald white guy in a suit. Which is....80% of the Sorrento Valley population.

But this guy was holding a sign that said he needed work, had 17 years experience. I think the sign also listed his degrees, but I was driving too fast (at around 10 mph), to read it all. Our eyes locked, and I felt sad. It was actually worse then when you make eye contact with a homeless person.

I thought about how they tell you what things are important to put on your resume. And I wondered about writing so much on such a small piece of cardboard. I mean, is a CEO going to pull their Lexus up to the curb, roll down the window, and read all the "fine print"? And what happens at that point? Does he call the guy in for an interview, or is it done right there on Mira Mesa Blvd?

And, as questions are asked, I just imagine the guy holding up various cardboard signs to answer them. Kinda like how Bob Dylan did on that video.


rickeysays Feb. 27, 2009 @ 2:43 a.m.

He's standing right outside McDonalds, when if he needs a job he should be going inside. Can't be to proud when "mama needs a new pair of shoes".


Josh Board Feb. 27, 2009 @ 10:23 a.m.

Thanks MsG. Never thought I'd hear I have a "well written piece," when the term "a dude in an Army jacket" is written in the segment!

Well rickey, in high school when I worked at McDonald's, the worst thing ever was when I trained a 50-year-old guy. He had lost his job at some business he had worked at for 15 years. And I felt so awkward, teaching a guy that was older than my parents, how to flip a burger and put condiments on 'em.


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