Wow...I'm eating some breakfast and I have The View on. Those ladies are really hard to take. I think they might have a combined IQ of 85. Well, wait...I can't really say that. I know for a fact that Whoopi Goldberg is smart. Hell, her early stand-up was brilliant stuff. But she's horrible on this show. She can't make her points without getting angry and cutting people off. I mean, the other day, it should've been easy to put Ann Coulter in her place. Instead, she came off looking like a nut.

This morning she's ranting on and on about how infair this all was to Phelps, because it wasn't like he was walking down the street with a joint in his mouth. He was at a party. The women all put in their two cents, but it's hard to keep track of who is saying what, and why. I grabbed my bagel and orange juice, and came over to the computer.

I will say that yesterday, a lot of the shows were talking about how two of Phelps sponsors have said they are sticking with him. And, it was a brilliant move on their part; because, it wasn't like he was raising pit bulls to fight or caught with child porn. And second...both those sponsors got mentioned on every show! Great free advertising.

I have a feeling this is what PETA had in mind when they did that risque ad that supposedly was turned down by the Super Bowl. I'm guessing they didn't want to spend millions on the Super Bowl, but with that ad, they knew it would be turned down. And when it was, all the other shows showed the commercial. FOR FREE! Brilliant move, PETA.

Anyway, back to Phelps. I heard that the sheriffs are now investigating, which has got to be the stupidest thing ever. To waste tax payer money on investigating is insane. Mostly because I'm no lawyer, but the first thing that popped into my mind is that he could easily tell the police it wasn't pot, but pipe tobacco in that bong. Heck, that's why all those head shops have been able to sell water pipes and bongs. As long as the buyer doesn't say what they are using it for, they are able to sell (although, Tommy Chong would probably have something to say about that).

My friend sent me an email about cops investigating something else.

It took place in South Carolina, where each week for almost 30 years, a guy and his college buddies played Texas Hold 'em. It was a $20 buy in. They ordered pizza and drank beer.

A few years ago, six cops burst in and seized the money, and a small amount of marijuana. They ticketed the guy, and 20 other players for breaking a state law (that's 200 years old, prohibiting gambling on "games of chance").

Most of the guys pleaded guilty and paid a $250 fine. But five of them challenged it.

A judge will decide if it takes skill or luck, to win a poker hand. I would simply point out one of my poker buddies, Joe. He's never left a game with winnings. Although, in his defense, his dad was a high ranking cop. Maybe he knew something we didn't.

Earlier this month, a judge in Pennsylvania ruled that poker is more skill than chance, and exonerated a man that had games in his garage (with $1 buy-ins).

I hate to use a lame cliche like this...but it sure would be nice for cops to actually go out and catch real criminals.

More like this:


cardig Feb. 4, 2009 @ 12:18 p.m.

I had a home game going for over 7 years with a core group of 10 guys. We played every Wednesday night. Since the same 2 guys usually won...over 7 years of is more skill than luck!! Ask any "winning" poker player and they will tell you it is a skill game. There are elements of luck involved, but since you are playing live people vs. the house, that is where some of the skill lies. One player was an LA police detective, one was a SD sheriff deputy, the others were from all walks of life. The game that got busted was probably one where one of the officers wanted to play in, but was told NO. So sour grapes caused the bust.


Fred Williams Feb. 5, 2009 @ 5:59 a.m.

Josh, too many cops are cowards.

That's why they bust up poker games and arrest pot smokers. As far as they're concerned, a bust is a bust.

Since it's easier and far less dangerous to cuff a few pot smokers, or barge in on a poker game like a SWAT team than go out and solve homicides or rape cases, that's what they do.

The rewards are the same, and there's little risk of getting hurt. The cop who busts 100 pot smokers a year is going to advance up the ranks far more quickly than the one who only busts one murderer, a few rapists, and a neighborhood bully.

But which cop is doing more to "protect and serve"?

Have another look at Balko's written a few bits on cops busting poker games.

For example:




Josh Board Feb. 5, 2009 @ 10:56 a.m.

Well Fred, of all that stuff I just read...I feel bad for the dog getting shot. But, less so regarding THOSE poker players. Because, once you start having people "buy in" for a few hundred dollars, you're now engaged in illegal activity. And, whether or not it should be legal is a different argument.

Because, you can argue about which laws you don't think make sense until you're blue in the face. I still don't know why you can't talk on a cell phone while you drive, but you CAN SMOKE, and put your ashes outside the car window (which could start a fire), and throw your cigarette out (which is littering).

Smoking while driving is surely a distraction, no?

But, the reason the cops might be busting this games is that it's gone from the friendly neighborhood game with a few friends (where you played for change...or a $5 buy in for chips), into these Texas Hold 'Em tournaments with serious money on the line.


Josh Board Feb. 6, 2009 @ 8:46 a.m.

UPDATE: Kellog's has dropped Phelps. Which, I find ironic, since it's that cereal that gives kids a sugar high each morning. Not to mention...when people get stoned and get the munchies, it's probably Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops that they're grabbing out of the cabinet to mack on.


rickeysays Feb. 6, 2009 @ 6:42 p.m.

if kellog's dropped him, maybe general mills will have him on the box of cereal. perhaps Coco Puffs would work.


towelheadedcameljockey Feb. 9, 2009 @ 1:32 p.m.

You know what's great about Wheaties boxes? can put your weed in it.


Josh Board Feb. 9, 2009 @ 2:17 p.m.

I once talked to Rob Schneider, and told him I loved that "put your weed in it," character from SNL. He said they didn't think it was funny and that's why they only did a few bits with it.

I saw a comic in the paper a few days ago that said "Weedies" with Phelps on the cover.


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