I was going to blog about a basketball injury today. I've currently been playing with a bunch of guys that don't know what they're doing.

This little Jewish kid, that looks like that bartender from Sex and the City but with less hair and a bigger nose, runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. Aside from him slamming into me a few times, he tried to smack the ball out of my hand and hit my thumb. I'm now convinced it's broken. And, just typing this blog is killing me.

But a more interesting blog topic, aside from me crying, is the latest gambling debt of Charles Barkley.

He owed a casino $400,000. Now, he's said on shows before, he has lost about $10 million gambling. He also said recently, "I'm not like an alcoholic, carrying around a flask." I don't think he realizes, that many alcoholics don't carrying the booze around with them.

In previous interviews he said "I can afford to gamble." Well, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a problem.

The guy might have $50 million in the bank. Unless you have McCartney money and top a billion, losing $10 million is a big chunk of change.

He also said yesterday that he's going to quit gambling. And that the casino was wrong to release this info that he owed money. Now, that sounds like something an addict does. Blames others.

To me, the proof Sir Charles -- who also had the nickname "Round Mound of Rebound," and is probably due for a new nickname -- has a gambling problem.

When the Super Bowl was played last year, he said he was going to bet $250,000 on the Giants to cover the spread. But he listened to so many sports shows that said the Patriots would easily cover. So instead, he put the money on the Pats. And lost.

His logic is, he originally had the right pick.

I remember when the Chargers sucked (don't ask me to name the year, there were many). My stepbrother and I were in Vegas and we couldn't believe the line. Another team that sucked, but worse, was favored to win by 16. We thought it was easy money. We each put down $25. And, the Chargers won the game. We covered, winning our bet.

Had we heard a sports show saying the line should've been 50 points, because the Chargers are that bad, we wouldn't have believed it. We knew the two team.

If Barkley is betting on what other "experts" say...he should talk to other gamblers that have lost everything. And, they've often done that by making the "safe" or "smart" bets. And upsets drain them every time.

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