So, my parents went and saw "Definately, Maybe". They told me it was good.

I shouldn't listen to them. They saw The Bucket List, said it was great, and it wasn't. But, they used to always be tough on movies, so I thought the Bucket List was a slip up. Like I've said before, they liked "Best in Show," so...I figure they usually have good taste.

"The Bucket List" had so many cliches and horribly unrealistic stuff. And predictable scenes. Sure, some good acting, but that's to be expected from Jack and Morgan (hey, that sounds like a drink).

My friend got us free tickets, and I wanted to see The Bank Job. He had already seen it. Our last movie together was "In Bruges," which had its moments, but was very poorly written.

Well, "Definately, Maybe"... aside from three gorgeous actresses, and an interesting role by Kevin Kline that almost sparked some life into the film, it was dreadful.

Everything about it was wrong. From a guy telling his 7-year-old daughter about "threesomes", and how her mother cheated on him with his old roommate. How can we then root for a character like that?

And, he wants to marry every woman he dates.

The thing about all of that is, if the movie is funny, or romantic, or can forgive it. Just like how you can watch a movie like Die Hard, or James Bond, and you don't mind that the bad guys shoot with machine guns, and no bullet hits the target. You're having fun.

But, its you people out there, that like crap, that continues to have the studios make more of it.

When I was leaving, I saw a movie poster for yet another Tyler Perry movie.

Whatever idiots have fun with those films, and eagerly look for the cross-dressing cameo...well, have fun with it.

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