I drove into Las Vegas, with sand and duststorms so strong (after leaving behind pouring rain). I almost couldn't see out of my window.

When I finally got to Vegas, I saw the Monte Carlo was all charred at the top. It's strange to think a fire could spread that quickly in a casino. You'd think they would have some hardcore preparations for a situation like that.

But, the strangest thing I found, was the place that gives you drive thru wedding chapels, now has drive through sports books. For some reason, this is even weirder to me then the drive thru chapels. And here's why.

I can understand a couple wanting to get married, and, well...not wanting to get out of the car. They don't want a big production, or whatever. But, to drive thru and place a bet, just smacks of a person that has a serious gambling problem.

I mean, the old days of walking into the sports book, and you see these degenerates that are watching the ponies, and screaming. You get the feeling if their horse doesn't win, place, or show...they won't have a home left to go back to.

The Fiesta Rancho said they did this for your convenience. And that you can wear pajamas to the casino if you want (it was funny in Albert Brooks' Lost in America, but...there's also that scene where his wife lost their entire "nest egg").

Aparently, this started in 1994, when George Maloof owned the place (he's the big name behind the Palms, where all the stars party, and owner of the Sacramento Kings).

The drive thru has three lanes, and is open every day, and it supposedly accounts for 15% of the bets their sports books get. And...get this. They have rules, like you can't be on your cell phone when you pull in to place a bet. So...I guess you can be blaring Led Zep out of your car stereo, or you can honk at betters in front of you that are too slow...just no cell phones.

There have been people that come thru on bicycles, which they also don't have a problem with (as long as you have your drivers license for ID purposes).

I have this vision of someone driving thru...they have a TO DO list that says: Pick up dry cleaning, pick up milk and eggs, send fax to CEO, and put a thousand on the Pats.

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