A few days ago I heard a guy died from a shark bite. I felt bad, until I heard he was scuba diving, where they threw bloody fish out in the water to attract the sharks, so he could get photos.

He wasn't in a cage, didn't have one of those mesh suits, or anything.

Now, I understand lots of divers do this with regularity, and there aren't problems. But, isn't this Darwin at work here?

A few weeks ago, my stepbrother was in town, and the family got together and played some board games. Taboo, which in my opinion, has replaced Scrabble as the greatest game ever, was going strong. And, my stepbrother needed me to say "shark". He knows that I've always feared I'd one day die from a shark attack. So, what does he say to get me to guess the word? "Steven Speilberg movie." I started yelling "E.T.? Aliens, Jews? War....."

We eventually got it.

I hope the divers that throw bloody fish in the water get it. And realize, this is dangerous. Steve Irwin always claimed he wanted to teach us all about animals. Well, maybe the greatest thing he could've taught some, is that he died by getting too close to a wild animal.


fifibutton Feb. 28, 2008 @ 4:27 a.m.

Hear Hear. Even the smallest child could tell these so called skilled divers not to flash around bloody meat in shark inhabited waters. There will be no sympathy from me for idiots like that and god knows the world is over populated as it is.


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