I thought it was odd that all this talk was about Whoopi Goldberg being upset that she was "snubbed" when the Oscars showed a lot of previous hosts, but not her (for those wondering...she hosted in 94, 96, 99, and 2000). But when I heard the actual clip, it shows how the media can often manipulate the facts. She not only didn't seem that bothered (which was made easier, when her co-hosts on The View were venting). But, she pointed out something interesting. Steve Martin also hosted, and wasn't shown.

And, Barbara Walters, who I can't stand...made another good point. That maybe they didn't show her in that montage, because they showed her in the montage of Oscar winners.

What I was bothered by, was actor Brad Renfro not being shown when they have that segment (which really needs to be changed), showing all the Hollywood folks that have died during the year. Sure, it was a heroin and morphine OD, but that's never stopped Hollywood before (and, they ended that segment showing Heath Ledger, who last I heard, died of an OD).

I had no problem with Roy Scheider (Jaws, French Connection), not being shown. It was a safe assumption that with his recent passing, the Oscars didn't have time to fit in a clip of him. Although, I remember one year they mentioned Gene Siskel after that segment, saying he wasn't an actor, but such a large part of that scene, they felt it deserved a mention. Maybe Jon Stewart could've said something about it after the commercials, since surely, a number of people wondered. And, he was nice enough to bring a singer back that was cut off before giving her speech.

And, can someone tell the idiots in the crowd not to applaud? It's so weird clapping for a dead person. And, a sound editor from the 60s and 70s, might get no applause, since the name isn't recognizable. How must that be for the family?

A simple, "Hold your applause until the end," would be perfect.

Of course, I'm guessing humor is too much to ask for in that segment.

They could've shown Whoopi in that segment and then came back and said, "Goldberg didn't die. But her career did, when she agreed to go over and co-host The View."


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