So, maybe I was a little hasty. After all, South Park is a little on the small side. And to expect it to be able to provide for my every need was perhaps a little on the naïve side. I mean, it’s a neighborhood within a large city, not a self-sufficient small town. It knows that. One of the beauties of South Park is that it doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not. I, however, was trying to make it something more than what it is. And that just isn’t fair.

It’s only been two days since the start of my experiment, and though I’ve already stumbled badly (Target, on Sunday, I know, I know), the attempt to find what I need locally has already taught me a bit. I ventured to the Food Bowl to see what other culinary wants could be met there. No such luck with the bulk bulgur wheat, but the beef liver looked to be in fine shape.

Tonight my mission was to find plants for my new office space. Having been encouraged by Management to purchase plants good at filtering out toxins in the air, I set out. I had to resist a very strong urge to just stop off at Home Depot or Lowes on the way home, but it was a bit of a relief to just go straight home and then set out on foot to find my plants. I didn’t, honestly, have much hope, but, if you never try....

The garden shop on Fern, or is it 30th, was closed. When peering through the window though I didn’t see many plants actually on sale. Just plant accoutrements. Fair enough. Onward to the florist. Would they be open? Would they actually sell greenery that hadn’t been severed from its roots?

After a very pleasant walk (where I noticed a sign for shoe repair- is that really there?) I arrived to find the door open. First hurdle cleared. Through the tangle of vines, baskets, and whatnots I saw the standard refrigerator with chilled colorful flowers. I almost turned heel, thinking I was being ridiculous. Florists don’t sell plants. But what the hell. A few steps inside and I was greeted by Vanessa, the blue-eyed cat, who held a definite air of ownership. Clearly, this was Vanessa’s flower shop. She decided I was welcome. I was relieved.

A minute later Vanessa was joined by Desiree (sp?) who was very friendly, and informed me that they did, in fact, sell potted plants. Hooray! Mission accomplished. We went through their entire inventory and I learned a lot about plants, and had a nice conversation. Much better than I would have had at Home Depot or Lowes. I came away with three plants for my office, all good air purifiers. No pots. But, that can be tomorrow’s quest.

Now, I wonder if I can find a bear canister in South Park?

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